Mangosteen – in detail about slimming syrup

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Mangosteen is a remedy that is used to combat obesity. It is formulated with herbal ingredients and synthetic additives. Mangosteen syrup is positioned by the manufacturer as a universal remedy that has a complex effect on fat deposits on the waist, abdomen, buttocks.

This dietary supplement for weight loss has a wide list of contraindications. And in the course of its course use, the development of local and systemic adverse reactions is not excluded. Therefore, a preliminary consultation with a dietitian is necessary.

Operating principle

The fat-burning effect of Mangosteen syrup is determined by its components. Some of them are able to bind toxic substances, slags on their surface, and then evacuate them from the body. The composition of the product also contains mangosteen phytoextract containing biologically active substances. The manufacturer claims that this herbal ingredient has the following properties:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes, including the breakdown of fats;
  • slowing down the absorption of fatty acids in the intestine;
  • suppression of appetite, decrease in cravings for unhealthy, high-calorie foods;
  • stopping the production of hormones of happiness and pleasure when eating sweets, smoked meats, fast food;
  • cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol plaques;
  • production of bioactive substances that prevent fat deposition.

While taking Mangosteen syrup for weight loss, fatigue does not occur, and physical performance does not decrease. This is possible due to the intake of fat-and water-soluble vitamins along with the drink.


The main active ingredient of Mangosteen syrup is a concentrated extract from the mangosteen fruit. Phytoextract contains micro- and macroelements, organic acids, flavonoids, polysaccharides, anthocyanins. The active composition of slimming syrup is also represented by vitamins:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • tocopherol acetate;
  • retinol acetate.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer denies the presence of synthetic additives in the Mangosteen syrup, they are undoubtedly present in it. Additional ingredients provide a pleasant taste and smell of slimming syrup, act as stabilizers, dyes, preservatives, and form the basis of the product.

Release form

Mangosteen is a slimming syrup in the form of a dark brown thick substance with a sweet taste and a rich specific smell. It is packaged in wide plastic jars with a screw cap. The secondary packaging of the product is a cardboard box with instructions for use enclosed inside.

Indications and contraindications

The main indication for the use of Mangosteen is excess weight, which must be quickly shed. The bioactive supplement is recommended for use in cases of slow metabolism, tendency to overeat, preference for fatty and sweet foods. The number of indications also includes a strong slagging of the body and poor skin condition.

Do not take this remedy if you are hypersensitive to one of its ingredients, including auxiliary components. Its reception is prohibited during the period of gestation and lactation, in childhood and adolescence. The syrup is contraindicated for diabetics and people who are prone to the development of acute allergic reactions. In the presence of severe pathologies of the liver, kidneys, digestive organs, the safety of taking Mangosteen should be discussed with your doctor.


When using Mangosteen, you must strictly adhere to the recommendations of the instructions for use. Do not exceed dosages, as this will cause deterioration in well-being, manifestations of pronounced side effects.

To prepare the drink, dissolve half a teaspoon of Mangosteen syrup in 100 ml (0.5 cups) of any liquid. It can be plain or mineral water, tea, vegetable juice, berry juice, drinking yoghurt, fruit compote. The product should be used a few minutes before meals.

The duration of taking Mangosteen slimming syrup is at least a month. With a large overweight, the course is recommended to be repeated after a week break. The manufacturer also advises taking the remedy 1-2 times a year for preventive purposes and to consolidate the achieved result.


What results does the manufacturer promise

The instructions for using the Mangosteen means that with the correct intake of syrup, you can lose weight by 3-5 kilograms per week. The manufacturer promises that fat will be primarily broken down only in problem areas – on the waist, abdomen, hips. And only at the final stage, the face and chest will lose some weight. It guarantees an increase in the elasticity and firmness of the skin, acceleration of hair and nail growth, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract of harmful substances.

Where to buy and cost

Mangosteen is not sold in pharmacies. The dietary supplement is sold through the manufacturer’s website. To purchase it, you need to fill out an electronic form and wait for a call from the operator. After placing the order, the dietary supplement will arrive within a week, depending on the buyer’s place of residence. The price of a slimming syrup is 990 rubles excluding shipping costs.

Mangosteen does not contain any fast weight loss ingredients. Some therapeutic effect is characteristic of fat and water-soluble vitamins. They are useful for the body and participate in many biochemical reactions. Please note that some types of syrups contain caffeine. It is better to refuse to buy them for people with cardiovascular diseases. Mangosteen will help you lose weight, but only in combination with physical activity, adherence to a low-calorie diet.

: Lyudmila Sheveleva, pharmacist,.ru

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