Manicure-2020: trends of this summer

This season we emphasize naturalness. It is not necessary to be fond of neon shades of “funnel eye” or to decorate nails in style of apartments of Louis XIV.

Ombre in trend / photo

In summer, all fashionistas try to surprise their girlfriends with a new manicure. Let’s understand what is on trend now.

So, long nails. It’s time for long stilettos long gone. Nowadays, short nails or nails of medium length are in fashion.

Preference should be given to natural nails, but if you can not grow them, you can grow. But do not exaggerate with the length – the nails of a modern girl should look as natural as possible.

Bright, but not acidic shades are relevant / photo

Actual bright, but not acid shades / photo

The shape of the nails

Of course, the shape of the nails should be chosen based on your data: if the oval is a universal shape, then square nails or stilettos will not suit every finger.

Now the trend is tenderness and naturalness, so the winning option is the oval and oval-square shape.


Give preference to the oval shape of your nails / photo

Prefer oval shaped nails / photo

Varnish color

This summer you can afford bright colors in manicure, but they should not be acidic and neon. Prefer calmer tones: taupe and dull shades are still in trend. You can safely use mint colors, coral and orange.


Nude and coral shades in trend / photos

Nude and coral shades in trend / photo

You should not decorate your nails with an incredible amount of rhinestones and sequins – this is also in the past. Emphasize a few nails with shimmer varnish or highlight the free edge of the nail.

In the ombre trend, and each nail must be applied a different varnish of compatible shades.


Trending manicure / photos

Trendy manicure / photo


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