Manicure for women after 40 years: what mistakes should not be made?

Well-groomed hands are the calling card of any woman. And, of course, after 40 years it is worth paying more attention to hand care, good hydration and nutrition of the skin, as well as a beautiful manicure. But not every nail design is suitable for this age. What may be quite appropriate for young girls will no longer be relevant for women after 40. These are the most important mistakes in manicure and nail design should be avoided.

Mistake 1: no manicure at all

As we said above, hands should be well-groomed at any age. And, of course, first of all, it concerns nails. Speaking about the complete absence of manicure, we do not mean that the nails must be varnished. But in any case, a hygienic manicure must be performed regularly: the nails must be of a beautiful shape, the actual length, without burrs and overgrown cuticles.

Manicure for women after 40

If your hands are well-groomed, you may not be able to cover your nails at all, or cover them with a transparent hardening agent – this is if you do not like bright colors of varnishes or varnishes at all. In general, a beautiful and fashionable nail polish color or nail design that suits your age and lifestyle will only emphasize the style and show others that you are watching yourself and the current trends.

Fashionable manicure after 40 years

Mistake 2: too long extended nails

In general, nail extension with acrylic or gel to a breathtaking length has long since become a thing of the past. The most relevant type of coating today is gel polish: fast, simple and comfortable, and you can wear it for up to 3-4 weeks. Yes, if the nails are too thin and weak, constantly flaking and breaking, they can be coated with a gel, acri-gel or another hardening coating that is denser than the base for gel polish. But at the same time, you need to remember that the actual length after the age of 40 will be a calm and comfortable length for you.

Errors in manicure
Avoid this nail design

Errors in manicure

Avoid nails that are too long, especially square or pointed nails like claws. Today, masters define too long nails as those in which the free regrown edge is 2 times the length of the nail plate itself. The optimal length is considered to be the free edge, which has grown to a maximum of half the length of the nail plate. Nails can be very short if you are so comfortable and comfortable. Most women after 40 are more active in housekeeping, looking after children or grandchildren, or working on a computer, so short nails will be the most comfortable.

Beautiful manicure for women after 40: ideas and rules

As for the shape of the nail plate, the best choice in 2020 is considered to be a calm oval or almond-shaped shape slightly pointed towards the end. The “ballerina” form also looks good, really reminiscent of ballerinas’ pointe shoes – tapering towards the end, but with a smooth edge. Short nails can be square, but for long ones, pronounced angles at the tip of the nail are no longer relevant. See the photo and choose the most comfortable shape for yourself.

Mistake 3: neon colors are too bright

Yes, sometimes all of us, regardless of age, want brightness and carelessness. Well, you can quite afford to do a bright and colorful manicure with neon shades for your vacation or for a holiday. Bright colors should be chosen for the summer period. But too often to do neon “felt-tip” nails for women after 40 years is at least inappropriate. It all depends, of course, on your occupation and lifestyle.

Neon manicure
It is advisable to avoid bright neon shades.

Neon manicure

But in any case, neon colors should be set aside for single special occasions. And you can replace them with calmer shades that are fashionable in 2020. For example, if you like hot pink neon, try covering your nails with Coral Pink or Rose Tan instead – they are much calmer, with a warm undertone. Bright blue will replace the trendiest color of the year – Classic Blue, deep blue, and neon yellow – shades of Green Sheen (greenish lemon) or Saffron (warm saffron).

Mistake 4: overly intricate designs and contrasting designs

Experienced nail artists can create a real work of art on nails. These are animalistic ornaments, floral patterns, and clear geometry. Today, a variety of patterns and ornaments on the nails are in fashion, but you need to be careful with the choice of nail art for those over 40. Everything is logical here: if a young girl can afford to draw a flower, a butterfly, cherries or ice cream on her nails, then for a mature ladies, such a manicure would be inappropriate.

Do you like floral motives? Choose minimalist stylized flowers, twigs or tropical leaves, and only apply the design on 1-2 fingernails. With an animal print – the same thing: for a black and white manicure it would be a good option to draw a “zebra” on one finger, for a mustard base color on all nails – a tiger print, for beige – a leopard print.

A win-win option for women over 40 is geometric patterns. It looks really “grown-up”, but also very restrained and stylish. Moreover, geometry in all its manifestations is a real hit in 2020. Stripes and a cage, polka dots, contrasting lines and geometric shapes, color block color separation and even clear crescent moon manicure – all this is worth paying attention to.

Mistake number 5: volumetric sculpting and an abundance of glitter, stones and rhinestones

Like acrylic extensions, volumetric acrylic sculpting is also a thing of the past. Beautiful and delicate voluminous flowers are still suitable for wedding manicure, and you can also make the volume not by sculpting, but in many other ways: matte powder, “dusting” of sugar texture, sticky figures, pearls or stones. In general, it is better to refuse volumetric modeling and creepy roses so as not to look old-fashioned, as if from the last century.

Outdated design

As for glitter and glitters, stones and rhinestones, sequins, this is all quite allowed in nail design. But in manicure after 40 years all this should be very, very moderate. It is best to do a glitter manicure for a special occasion. In this case, it is worth using varnishes and gel varnishes with very small glitter, for example, the “black milky way” fashionable for the fall-winter-2020-2021 season. For a delicate pearlescent shine, you can use a pearl rub on a light base coat.

Spangles and sequins are allowed only on one nail or on several, but at the base of the nail plate. Actually, pebbles, rhinestones and pearls can be glued one to each nail – it will be discreet and stylish at the same time. You can also emphasize one nail with rhinestones, laying out a beautiful ornament. But here remember that the stones and shine should match the color of the metal and stones of the jewelry that you wear on your hands.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva


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