Mascara: how to choose the best one for my eyelashes

The mascara, it is THE make-up product that we have all and that we can not do without. Yet many of us have a complex relationship with this must-have and must-have beauty (and it starts the moment we buy it)! Before rushing to the first comer, it is essential to take into account the nature of your eyelashes, in order to know precisely the effect you are looking for (and therefore, to avoid unnecessary purchases). Explanations.

Mascara: a curling model for straight lashes

If your lashes are stiff and slightly curved, opt for a curling mascara instead, which you can apply after curling your eyelashes. Many brands offer them in their collections, so you will have no trouble getting one! In addition to bringing a nice curve to your eyelashes, the curling mascara will also shape them and in some cases lengthen them. What better ?

Mascara: a lengthening model for short eyelashes

Are your eyelashes very thin and short? You wish enlarge the gaze ? In this case, choose a lengthening mascara. As its name suggests, the lengthening mascara will bring length to your eyelashes, for a totally glamorous look!

Mascara: a volume model for thin, sparse eyelashes

If you have thin, sparse eyelashes, there’s nothing more effective than a volume mascara to intensify your gaze. In order to create this “volume” effect, be sure to apply your mascara. from the base of the lashes to the tips, by performing movements zigzag, which allow the mascara to be better distributed. Result: a much denser row of lashes!

Mascara recourbant Roller Lash, 27,50€, Benefit Benefit
Length and definition mascara, € 27, Make Up For Ever Make Up For Ever

Mascara volume Velvet noir, 28€, Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs

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The best mascara according to 60 Million Consumers costs less than 15 euros!


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