Masha’s cosmetic bag: the best in 10 years

Beauty Insider blog is 10 years old this year. We have timed a series of posts for this event, where we talk about our most beloved decorative tools, those that we are ready to sing praises to forever. In this part – Masha’s cosmetic bag.

During the six years that I have been working at BI, my cosmetic bag has grown to an impressive size. However, if you closely analyze everyday makeup, it turns out that there are not so many funds in the constant flow. They seemed to have sifted through a sieve of time and the very best remained at the bottom. The most beloved, the most convenient, the most understandable.


I have a mixed skin type, closer to dry. This means that tonal ones often emphasize peeling on the cheekbones, and the nose occasionally shines, which, in truth, rarely worries me.

Most often, I choose foundations with a medium coverage and a satin or shimmer finish. The main thing in them is to hide small pigment spots and redness, even out the tone and remain invisible.


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