Mask mode collapsed sales of lipsticks

British women typically spent about £ 100 million a year on lipsticks, but sales fell 49% between August and October.

Masked regime collapsed the market of lipsticks / photo

The need to constantly wear masks on the street forces women to abandon the use of lipsticks. In the UK, for example, their sales fell by more than half, statistics show.

Meanwhile, it is logical to assume that if the whole face except the eyes need to be constantly covered with a mask, then spend a lot of time and money on makeup is not required. And this is confirmed by statistics published by a British newspaper The Sunday Times. In this country, sales of lipsticks have fallen by more than half in recent months.

British women typically spend about £ 100 million a year on lipsticks, but between August and October, sales fell 49%, according to research group NPD Group. Its analysts have found a significant link between the mandatory mask regime and the collapse of the cosmetics industry. If a woman wears an intense lipstick under a mask, soon enough its traces will appear on the inner layer of the mask, and if the lipstick is constantly erased, it makes no sense at all.

But sales of eye makeup jumped sharply. The growth was 25%. Women focus on this part of the face that remains visible to all. The number of appeals to make-up artists who give advice on how to make a face more attractive if you constantly need to wear masks has also increased.

The head of the British branch of the cosmetics giant L’oréal previously said that sales of makeup fell so sharply as a result of the pandemic that, in his opinion, consumer tastes could change “forever.” He noted that work at home and a constant mask regime has led to a drop in sales of all makeup products, as more and more women prefer a more natural look.


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