Mask required: 6 tips to support it better despite the heat

Who says summer necessarily says heat wave. A phenomenon that makes some people want to discover themselves, even if it means leaving aside the protective mask. However, the mask is now compulsory in public transport, enclosed public places, as well as outdoors in certain cities or certain areas. But we know: this protection can be at the origin of a feeling of suffocation and skin problem. Two phenomena exacerbated by the rise in temperatures. So how do you endure the mask despite the heat?

Do not choose a mask that is too filtering

Normally, overly filtering masks such as FFP2 are not recommended for the general public. And for good reason: such a great seal is not useful and these protections accentuate the difficulty in breathing and the feeling of suffocation. This is all the more true when the mercury rises! It is therefore advisable to opt for surgical or fabric masks to limit the feeling of heat.

Take care of your skin

Repeated contact of the mask with thin facial skin may cause skin irritation. A phenomenon accentuated by the wearing of this protection during heat waves, because the friction against the epidermis also produces heat. This stimulates perspiration, which increases humidity, and therefore the excessive production of sebum. But that’s not all: friction, associated with heat and humidity, also damages the skin barrier that is supposed to protect us from attack by pathogens.

Result? Acne rosacea, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or folliculitis can appear. To avoid these skin problems, it is advisable to clean your face with non-aggressive products, to regularly moisturize your skin with unscented and hypoallergenic creams or to bet on a healing cream in case of lesions due to wearing a mask.

Focus on light materials

When the weather is very hot, we tend to opt for light clothes. A good habit that you should also apply when choosing your protective mask! To limit the production of heat and humidity, synthetic materials should be avoided. It is advisable to bet on fabric masks and more precisely cotton. In addition to being breathable, this material is generally well tolerated by the epidermis.

Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth

Wearing a mask is unnatural and can affect the way we breathe. Hyperventilation, breathing through the nose… So many bad habits that promote the production of heat and humidity. To avoid this phenomenon and to support the wearing of the mask in the event of an episode of strong heat, it is advisable to concentrate, in order to relearn to breathe slowly through the nose.

Hydrate and refresh your face regularly

Do you suffer from heat and wearing a mask only amplifies this phenomenon? Do not hesitate to remove your mask from time to time in order to moisten your face with a sprayer for example. Warning: do not forget to wipe your face before putting your mask back on, because when it is wet, it loses its effectiveness. Also drink water very regularly to keep yourself hydrated and avoid leaving your home at times when the temperature is the highest.

Change your mask as soon as it is wet

We know that a protective mask should not be worn for more than 4 hours. This duration can be further reduced in the event of hot weather, because due to the hot breath exhaled and sweating, the mask wets more quickly. It is therefore essential to change it more regularly.

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