Maternity style: all the inspiration you need is on Instagram

Instagram It seems like an inexhaustible source of stylistic inspiration. Doing a bit of scroll Through the social network, you will find the best looks and the best ideas to combine the trends of the season. And, although it seems that things get complicated when you are pregnant, quite the opposite.

Invest in maternity clothes or not? Which silhouette fits best? Pants or dresses? It is likely that, if you are going to become a mother soon, all these questions have crossed your mind at some point. For this reason, María José Pérez Méndez (fashion editor of this header), wrote a practical guide to making homework (a little) easier, counting on the advice of stylists and experts.

If after reading the maternity style commands you need a little more help, Instagram has the solution. Fashion prescribers like Pernille Tesibaek, Jeanne Damas, Lena Terlutter and Linda Tol (among others), which we already followed for their impeccable looks of street style, are pregnant at the moment and, in their profiles, they leave us proof that pregnancy and trends are not at odds. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the seven accounts you have to follow in 2020 to dress well during pregnancy (and after it):

1. Pernille Teisbaek

View on Instagram

2. Trine Kjær

View on Instagram

3. Jeanne Damas

View on Instagram

4. Funda Cristophersen

View on Instagram

5. Lena Terlutter

View on Instagram

6. Linda Tol

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7. Annabel Rosendahl

View on Instagram

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