Mature to motherhood: at what age is it better to give birth to different signs of the zodiac

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“Even at 25 it can be late,” say gynecologists.

“Do not drag out with the children the way I did. Especially if you want to give birth to more than one child, ”- bitterly advises Courteney Cox, who first became a mother in 40 years.

And astrologers say that different signs of the zodiac at different times ripen to motherhood. In their opinion, this is also important.



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Aries women are often influenced by emotions, which does not prevent them from being quite practical persons. Therefore, they take the appearance of a child in their life very seriously and postpone this moment, referring, for example, to insufficient financial stability. The only thing that can influence their decision to become a mother under 30 is an unplanned pregnancy.


Taurus are practical, prudent and want to have a solid material base and their own housing before the birth of their first child. Taurus have children only when they themselves clearly understand: yes, I want a child. This desire usually comes to them closer to thirty years.


There are no rules for women born under the sign of Gemini. Usually they lead a very active lifestyle, for a long time they choose the very one, the one and only, while meeting with someone else. The desire to have a child for them must be conscious, otherwise the maternal instinct may wake up in them later than the firstborn appears. More often than not, Gemini become moms between the ages of 27 and 30.

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Cancers are also in no hurry to have children too early. For them, the ideal age of motherhood begins after 25. They consciously decide to have a child and are always ready for his appearance both morally and financially. It is very important for them to be a responsible mother who is completely immersed in the educational process.


Women born under the constellation Leo prioritize financial well-being and careers. Only after reaching certain heights do they decide to give birth, although they begin to seriously think about the appearance of offspring from the age of twenty. But they always pull themselves back, realizing that motherhood is primarily a responsibility. They think first of all about what they can give their child.


Virgos often have their first children under 25, without thinking at all about what they can give them. They are simply driven by the desire to get married with all the ensuing consequences. If the Virgo never got married, then it is quite possible that she will not seriously think about motherhood either. The path of a mother, independently raising a child and suffering some hardships in this regard, is not for Virgo. She will prefer loneliness and learn to enjoy it.

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Libra women tend to have an interesting and eventful life. They do not seek early motherhood. It can take many years of searching for themselves and their ideals for Libra to want to change something. It is normal for this sign to have a firstborn closer to forty years old.


Scorpios love children and are ready to have them as soon as they cross the threshold of majority. They are so arranged that they quite consciously choose motherhood at a fairly early age and never regret it. They are happy to be engaged in upbringing, spend time with their family. Scorpios very rarely have one child.


When Sagittarius decide to have a child (and this can happen to them at any age, but more often than not they give birth to their first child before 30), they do not have the habit of dissolving in upbringing or domestic problems. These are women who are always a little free, and know how to involve their soul mate in education. This is perhaps worth learning from them.

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Capricorns are in no hurry to have children early. They need to do a lot, if not in terms of career, then in self-development. They open up new horizons, try themselves in different areas. And only then, when, as it seems to them, they have taken place in something, and this happens closer to the age of 30-35, they begin to plan a pregnancy. They approach the issue of the birth of the first child very responsibly and also responsibly then engage in its development.


The most practical representatives of the fair sex are born under the constellation Aquarius. They carefully plan the birth of a child, and they thoroughly prepare for this moment. Naturally, they must have everything for this, in particular, their own housing and a financial cushion. These are prerequisites for the birth of a child. As for age, this does not happen earlier than 25-27 years.


Pisces are emotional and creative natures. Planning a pregnancy is not their strong point at all. In their lives, most often such events occur spontaneously, therefore, they depend not on age, but on mood.

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