Men’s gradient: our tips and ideas for trendy haircuts

Before carrying out any capillary change, it is necessary to take into account the shape of his face. Square, oval, round or triangular: here are some ideas of degraded men’s haircuts to favor (depending on the shape of your face).

Men’s gradient: the Caesar gradient for round faces

The possibilities when it comes to haircuts are more restricted for men with round faces. Sections short, no volume, are the ones that will highlight you the most. The ideal fit? The Caesar Cup ! The principle ? Hair almost all cut to the same length. Easy to build and maintain, this timeless cut will bring you a fresh and youthful appearance.


Men’s gradient: the Slicked Back gradient for oval face

Do you have a vocal face? So you are lucky, from a hair point of view. You won’t have a hard time finding a haircut that will suit you (especially short cuts, not bulky). Preferred ? The cup César or the cut Slicked back : a type of gradient very short on the sides, with mid-length hair on the top, flattened back (particularly classy!)

Men’s gradient: the Faux Hawk gradient for triangular faces

Do you have a more triangular face, and therefore more elongated? You have every interest in opting for voluminous cuts, such as Faux Hawk. This hairstyle is especially suitable for men with generous manes. The principle ? Highlight the hair above the head (whether straight or curly) and cut generously at the sides.

Men’s gradient: Caesar, Slicked Back, Faux Hawk, Spike Quiff for square faces

Do you have a rather square face? Know that you too are one hell of a lucky man speaking, since almost any haircut will suit you ! Smooth, voluminous, short, long hair …: a multitude of choices are available to you. Caesar, Slicked Back, Faux Hawk, Spike Quiff (David Beckham’s favorite cut!): Anything goes!

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