Men’s suit for women: how to wear and look stylish

Men’s style has long been in the fashion trend. Today we will pay attention to the men’s suit, which in the upcoming season takes a leading position. No one will argue that a dress is the most feminine outfit. But when women first began to wear men’s suits, it turned out that many of them could look simply stunningly beautiful.

However, each designer has his own vision of the elegance of modern women, and the requirements of fashionistas are completely different. Some want to look more masculine, others in a business-like way, but at the same time remain feminine. Yes, using a man’s suit, you can emphasize a woman’s attractiveness. And in order to choose the desired image, let’s take a look at the proposals of the designers.

Style and modern and fashion trends

Often a man’s suit on a woman looks like a version of the classic style. But it turns out that there are not one such options, but several. For all the seeming monotony, classic men’s suits differ from each other in some features of cut and tailoring.

If you prefer a classic, austere style that fits perfectly and, thanks to a beautiful cut, retains its best qualities in any movement, then you should take a look at the models Adam Lippes, Ermanno Scervino, Hugo Boss, Zadig Voltaire, Victoria Beckham.

Photo from above – Adam Lippes, Alberta Ferretti, Altuzarra
Фото снизу – Ermanno Scervino, Hugo Boss, Zadig Voltaire

Men's suit in women's wardrobe

However, costumes for women, sewn in a men’s classic style, differ in many respects from men’s. But most women try to emphasize their grace and feminine elegance in their image.

Famous fashion designers said that not every woman can wear a pantsuit: “A woman dressed like a man… must be incredibly feminine in order to be able to wear clothes that are not intended for her. She should be charming and sophisticated even in the smallest details. “

These details can be individual nuances in the cut, for example, trousers are not straight cut, but narrowed, or vice versa, more widened and shortened. Flared trousers in a women’s suit also look elegant, and a fitted jacket emphasizes the lines of a woman’s figure.

Male suit for women
Victoria Beckham
Moon Choi, Piazza Sempione

Male suit for women

Various accessories are also important in the image: handbags, shoes, scarves, ties, bows, belts and belts. However, nothing will adorn a woman’s suit like a luxurious blouse in a romantic style.

How to wear a suit for girls
Alberta Ferretti, Alexander Mcqueen, Christian Dior
Daks, Elie Saab

How to wear a suit for girls

Ralph Lauren introduced not only men’s clothing into women’s fashion, but also men’s accessories: hats, caps, suspenders, watches on a chain, ties, cufflinks.

Men's suit in women's wardrobe: how to look stylish
Alexander Mcqueen, Camilla and Marc
Dolce Gabbana, Redemption

A women’s trouser suit allows in many situations to use both the original texture of materials and a color palette, including the difference between the texture and color of a jacket from trousers.

Male suit for women
Elie Tahari, Gabriela Hearst, Giada
Aliette, Alberta Ferretti, Luisa Spagnoli

Male suit for women

But among all designers, the Dolce & Gabbana designers are distinguished again and again, they included feminine touches in the form of scarlet roses in a suit of a truly masculine style for the 2020/2021 season.

Dolce & Gabbana women's suit
Dolce & Gabbana

If a men’s suit intended for men in a festive situation must comply with special rules, then a suit for a woman may be free from these rules. In our opinion, it is better to choose such suits from the Ermanno Scervino collection.

Ermanno Scervino

Among modern girls, there are many who prefer masculine style. However, the suit will only fit tall and slender. The most original options are possible here.

Akris, Alberta Ferretti, Alexander Mcqueen
Brandon Maxwell, Calcaterra, Akris

Fashionable women's suits

In modern fashion, a lot is allowed, stereotypes are broken, designers and fashionistas break all the known rules of elegance, for some, the image turns out to be refined, and for others, it is funny or just miserable and awkward.

Nowadays, the oversized style is in vogue, which few people suit. In the new season, this style is presented rather moderately in many collections. For example, in the collection of Eftychia, Gauchere, Akris you can see oversized suits, which include wide and long trousers and a very spacious jacket.

Women's fashion
Eftychia, Gauchere, Stella Mccartney

advises women to always remain a woman, and therefore use the masculine style for those who have a slender figure, add details from a woman’s wardrobe to the image, not neglect light makeup and a neat hairstyle.

It is better to choose trousers that emphasize the waist, blouses with elements of a romantic style. And despite the fact that designers sometimes dress their models in a purely masculine way (even shoes in dark shades, such as brogues and derbies), do not try to reproduce these images exactly, take some details into service. Lyudmila Gurchenko and Laima Vaikula always managed to look incomparable in a men’s suit. Lime is still gorgeous in these suits – from tuxedos to oversized jackets and baggy trousers.

Author: Tatiana Dmitrieva

Fashionable women's suits
Dolce Gabbana, Boss, Burberry Prorsum

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