Mesotherapy for inflammatory problems

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Using fine needles, the doctor injects very small amounts of medication under the skin, directly into the painful area. “We only prick 4 mm under the skin, with very low doses, explains Dr Denis Laurens *. The advantage, compared to the same product taken orally, is that we do not go through the general route, and therefore we avoid side effects. “

What is it indicated for?

Fight against pain and inflammation. Athletes use it for sprains or muscle tears. Osteoarthritis and back pain are also a good indication: lumbago, neck pain or stiff neck. Dr Laurens adds: “We also relieve pathologies such as colopathies, chronic ENT infections, or venous or dermatological problems, such as painful scars.” Three or four sessions are usually necessary to observe a good result.

Mesotherapy does not make you lose weight

But it has no effect on … weight problems. Some practitioners use it to reduce the appearance “Orange peel”, but the High Authority for Health (HAS) does not recognize its effectiveness for aesthetic purposes.

Mesotherapy prices

Health insurance reimburses 18 to 23 euros for a consultation, which can cost between 30 and 80 euros. For the rest of the support, you have to rely on your mutual!

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Which address ?

General practitioner, sports doctor or rheumatologist …: we choose our specialist according to the problem. To find a doctor qualified in mesotherapy, consult the Yellow Pages or the site of the French Society of Mesotherapy. :

Our opinion

Mesotherapy is useful, especially to avoid the side effects of oral anti-inflammatory drugs, such as digestive burns and ulcers. One session can lead to two or three days of fatigue and temporarily increased pain. Another downside: aesthetic applications, with questionable results.

The specialist’s advice: “It is a very effective therapeutic technique, says Dr Laurens. However, it is essential that it be performed by a doctor who holds an interuniversity diploma (DIU) in mesotherapy. This guarantees his competence and the use of sterile single-use equipment. “
The opinion of Michèle, 49 years old: “I have had lower back pain for several years, but no exam has been able to determine the cause of my pain. Mesotherapy provides effective relief for several weeks, although the pain tends to come back afterwards.”

* president of the French Society of Mesotherapy.

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