Micro shorts in the spirit of the 2000s – hot trend of the coming spring

Designers love contrasts. And if yesterday on the catwalks they glorified baggy silhouettes and things several sizes larger, today they offer to show the body, emphasize the curves and not be ashamed of anything. One of the hottest trends in the coming spring is full-leg micro shorts. They were popular in the 1970s and 2000s. Now it’s the turn of modern fashionistas to bring the catwalk trend to life.

We saw ultra-short shorts in Saint Laurent’s spring-summer 2020 collections. Kaia Gerber walked in them along with a vest and high leather boots. Similar shorts were in the Brandon Maxwell collection. The designer suggested wearing them with a strict shirt and a contrasting belt.

Saint Laurent spring-summer 2020

Of course, short shorts have been around long before Yves Saint Laurent made them popular in the 1970s. Shorts were worn in the 1950s and 1960s. The open-legged trend took off after Mary Quant introduced the miniskirt in the early 1960s. After that, the designers began to cut the length of things, including dresses and shorts. Think of archival photographs of Jane Birkin or Twiggy – fashion icons of those years. Girls constantly wore mini length, even in winter.

Jane Birkin, Vogue 1971

© Patrick Lichfield

Another fashionable variation of short shorts, which will be relevant in the coming spring – knitwear models, as in the collections of Hermès and Salvatore Ferragamo. These shorts are a nod to 1920s swimwear. In those days, you could only appear on the beach with open legs.

Hermès spring-summer 2020

Salvatore Ferragamo spring-summer 2020

Inspiration for fashion looks for the coming season can be found in the cinema of the 1970s and early 1980s. Jodie Foster and Michelle Pfeiffer appeared in very short shorts. The actresses combined the length of the mini with sandals with a steady heel. We saw similar images on stage, but already in the 2000s. Remember the enchanting performances of Britney Spears and Beyoncé. The singers introduced low-rise shorts, which were difficult to dare to wear. In the new season, it is not necessary to go to such extreme measures. Look for ideal models for mastering the hot trend in the collections of Isabel Marant, Chanel, Saint Laurent and other brands.

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver (1976). Michelle Pfeiffer, 1980

Isabel Marant spring-summer 2020

Britney Spears, 2000s. Beyonce, 2000s

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