Microgreens – good for the body or harm for the wallet?

American chefs were the first to suggest eating such an early harvest. Although some countries argue with this, ascribing to themselves the discovery of all the benefits of microgreens. But whoever came up with the idea of ​​eating plants that have not reached maturity, he created a new superfood – a mega-useful and mega-popular product.

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Now microgreens, like any product at the peak of popularity, are carefully scrutinized by scientists, healthy nutritionists and just skeptics. Some people believe that microgreen, or microgreens, is a marketing ploy of restaurants and supermarkets, and the benefits of eating it are incomparable with the cost of it. Is it so?

Scientific background

Botanists have empirically found that the concentration of beneficial nutrients in a plant, which is a 5-15 cm stalk with the first 1-2 leaves (that is, about a week or two after planting the seeds) is significantly higher than in a plant that has reached maturity …

Hence, microgreens are even healthier to eat than an adult plant (however, you should not replace all greens and vegetables in the diet with microgreens: everything is useful in moderation).

In addition, microgreens contain a large amount (practically maximum for the entire period of plant growth) chlorophyll… It is the pigment that “gives” the green color to the plant and participates in photosynthesis. Entering the human body with food, it stimulates nerve cells, as well as cells of muscle and bone tissue to more active consumption of oxygen. This, in turn, promotes their recovery, regeneration and growth. That is why there are so many health benefits from the use of microgreens.

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Advantages of microgreens

Healthy nutrition experts urge everyone to pay attention and include this product in their diet, because with all its advantages (high concentration of nutrients, chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins) it contains practically no flaws.

  • Microgreens are a product with minimal, practically zero calorie content and an insignificant, minimal content of vegetable fats. Moreover, it has a high content carbohydrates and vegetable protein (which is easy to digest).
  • Microgreens are also practically hypoallergenic product, many of its types do not contain gluten, but contain fiber.
  • In addition, some types of microgreens contain rare amino acidsthat we do not get so often in the regular diet. These are arginine, isoleucine, methionine, histidine and others.
  • Microgreens also contain folic acid (the benefits of which for the body are well known), ascorbic, nicotinic and pantothenic acids.
  • In addition, microgreen can serve as an additional and tasty source of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, thiamine, zinc and riboflavin.
Microgreens - good for the body or harm for the wallet?
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Useful properties of certain types of microgreen

In order for the use of microgreens to bring not only gastronomic pleasure, but also to be as useful as possible, you should take into account the peculiarities and “needs” of your body.

For instance, to strengthen immunity it will not be superfluous to diversify your usual menu with beet sprouts, which contain a large amount of vitamin C (and in addition iron, iodine, folic acid and magnesium). Microgreens of mustard contain a high content of vitamin C, and microgreens of cauliflower also contain carotene.

To improve digestion you can eat the microgreens of watercress, basil, wheat and radish. The latter, by the way, also has a choleretic effect, contains useful essential oils and has an interesting, piquant taste, slightly spicy.

Wheat sprouts, like sunflower microgreens, alfalfa, have antioxidant properties… Broccoli sprouts also remove toxins from the body. But microgreens of oats and lentils will benefit with anemiaas it contains a lot of iron.

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