Mila Sivatskaya became the new ambassador of the Always brand and the face of the Always Platinum advertising campaign

The Always brand mission is to help millions of girls around the world feel confident every day. After all, confidence and a sense of security are the very foundation on which successful projects and strong healthy relationships are built – including with yourself.

Young and active women tend to have a busy schedule and a huge number of hobbies. The popular actress Mila Sivatskaya is a vivid example of a modern girl who does a lot, loves adventure, freely expresses herself in bold and gentle images and allows herself to feel the moment on any day of the month.

“The Always brand works with girls and women around the world who share our values ​​and priorities. Mila Sivatskaya is a bright and talented actress who inspires girls by her example. In addition to working in films, Mila leads a rich life and openly shares important, touching and funny moments with her blog subscribers, showing by her own example that self-confidence helps to achieve what you dream about in life “, – says Yulia Mayorova, senior communications manager in the category of children’s and feminine hygiene, Procter & Gamble.

Mila is not afraid to be herself and inspires women to speak openly about their feelings, life, health, body and well-being. From the TV screen, on the blog, from the pages of popular magazines, she supports the girls and motivates them to treat themselves more carefully and trust their own feelings. Mila is a real Always girl: she confidently approaches her goals, taking into account her weaknesses and not condemning herself for them.

“I have always chosen Always before becoming a brand ambassador because I am 100% confident in them. This is a product, the quality of which does not raise my questions, moreover – my personal life views are in tune with the brand values, – shared by Mila Sivatskaya… – I am deeply convinced that being a woman is not a “fate”, but a wonderful gift. Sometimes even adult women suffer from the fact that at one time they did not receive the necessary knowledge and help from relatives and specialists in order to find a common language with their own body. When I was in school, the Always educational program was very useful: representatives of the brand came to our class and talked about feminine hygiene, which helped me to cope with many of the fears of growing up. That is why today I am delighted to partner with a brand that helps girls around the world get the support and information they need at the right time. It also provides convenient, high-quality personal care products that make you feel truly comfortable and confident, such as Always Platinum. “

Always innovations are revolutionizing the way we think about feminine hygiene, relieving stress, helping you befriend your body and inspiring self-care.

Always Platinum delivers 5X comfort, improved absorbency and incredibly soft wings. This product is designed for a sense of protection and nothing else: no leaks, no wrinkles, no smell. Now you don’t need to sneak a look in the mirror a thousand times a day and check if everything is in order. With Always Platinum, nothing distracts from the really important things.

Mila Sivatskaya became the face of the brand’s new campaign and starred in a commercial for the improved Always Platinum product, which will soon be released on TV and digital platforms.


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