Military and camouflage in women’s fashion 2019 – 2020

In the new 2019-2020 season, a new wave of original ideas and trends in military style swept the podium. What did the military-style designers present to us?

In modern life, there has long been no shortage of clothing, as it was in the post-war years. That is why then women began to include items and elements of military uniforms in their wardrobe. But designers continue to get carried away and invite girls to express their individuality by dressing them in army uniforms.

The first military-style collections appeared in the 80s of the last century. Since then, year after year, interest in this clothing has been growing. We will not define today what is the reason for this? Actually, everything is clear.

So what did we see in the fall-winter collections 2019 – 2020? What aspects should fashionistas pay attention to?

Many designers, one way or another, expressed their attitude to the popular style. If we talk about the details, then these are metal buttons, epaulettes, harnesses, braid, edging, stripes, shoulder straps, braids, stripes. But there are collections that have shown a certain interest in the current trend, dressing girls in overcoats, military-cut jackets and pea coats, breeches tucked into heavy army boots or boots.

Designers Alexander McQueen, Paul Costelloe, Miu Miu, Pam & Gela presented a lot of models that reflect the military style. There are many ways to express your militant character.

Belts and harnesses – 2 photos by Alexander McQueen and Paul-Costelloe
Luxurious military outfits – Alberta Ferretti

Military style in fashion 2019-2020 – the best images

It all depends on how much you want to show your masculine character. For example, in the collections of Alexander McQueen, you can borrow belts, harnesses, aiguillettes and an unusual camouflage print. Balmain and Paul Costelloe offer military tablet bags and brooches instead of medals, … All of these items of military uniform go well with romantic clothing.

Camouflage print and khaki. Today, you can simply emphasize your belonging to the army, just put on a jacket, coat or dress, or maybe even boots with a camouflage print. There are even simpler options for military equipment – khaki clothing.

military style in fashion 2019-2020
Miu Miu

military style in fashion 2019-2020
2 photos Michael Kors Collection and Agnona

Military and camouflage in women's fashion
2 photos by Tom Ford and Unravel

R13 designers offer a rather risky look, which mixes floral and animal prints with camouflage. You have to be careful with such images. Of course, they are not fraught with the danger that can be on the battlefield, but your appearance can be threatened.

camouflage in women's fashion

Coats and trench coats… To achieve a military effect in a coat, sometimes it is enough to add metal buttons. Trench coats are not only khaki, but also a certain stylish image and cut.

Michael Kors Collection, Miu Miu

For these things, the designers used the principle of cutting military uniforms. And they also had to remember the era of the 40s, when during the Second World War, and even somewhat earlier, in women’s clothing, all elements and cut went in unison with the military uniform. These were high and slightly widened shoulders, clear lines, a belt or belt, patch pockets. Everything emphasized femininity, and at the same time hinted at wartime. Such coats can be seen in the collection of Givenchy, Olivier Theyskens, Paul Costelloe.

Women's fashion 2019-2020
2 photos Givenchy and Olivier Theyskens
2 фото Paul Costelloe и Gabriela Hearst

Women's fashion 2019-2020

Both breeches and cargo pants are unusual in a cut, but at the same time they are practical and stylish, easy to tuck into boots. Today, these models are becoming the most popular and familiar elements of women’s wardrobe. Stylists recommend wearing them tucked into rough boots or boots. For a more warlike look, the trousers are decorated with rivets, pockets, straps and buckles. Leather leggings can also be included in military uniforms.

Isabel Marant, Miu Miu

Camouflage fur coats and fur jackets

In the new season, camouflage print has adorned not only coats, jackets, skirts or trousers of women’s clothing. It turned out that such a print will make fur products spectacular. You can be convinced of this by looking at the Michael Kors Collection and Miu Miu.

Miu Miu
Miu Miu и Pam & Gela

Most often, army clothing is made from natural fabrics, dense and high quality, with a color palette of muted shades: dark green, khaki, black, dark blue and brown shades.

Straps and lacing, stripes, zippers and rivets, buckles and buttons are used as decoration. The military theme includes shoulder straps, epaulettes, various badges, wide leather belts, tablet bags and bracelets. Leather caps and even panama hats will be in trend.

Many women of fashion know that dressing in military style will attract attention to themselves. With such a variety of decorative elements that each of us can purchase, this is easy to do.

Paul Costelloe, Longchamp

Pam & Gela, Unravel

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