Milk thistle, the liver friendly plant

This pretty plant native to the Mediterranean Basin, which grows up to 700 m altitude, is the ally of digestive and liver disorders. Milk thistle stimulates the regeneration of liver cells thanks to its active substance, silymarin, contained mainly in its ripe seeds.

Silybum marianum was used since Antiquity by the Greeks to treat liver problems and eliminate excess bile. Today, naturopaths recommend it for its purifying and detoxifying properties in this very important organ for getting rid of toxins from the body, digesting fats, managing excess sugar …

Nausea, difficult digestion, stomach ache, cirrhosis, hepatitis… milk thistle also helps protect the liver from damage caused by chemotherapy.

How to use milk thistle?

  • In decoction: put a tablespoon of leaves and a teaspoon of fruit in a cup of water. Boil 3 minutes then let infuse 10 minutes. Drink a cup before each meal (2 to 3 times a day) until symptoms improve.
  • In capsules: the whole plant is packaged in ready-to-use capsules. Take 2 capsules morning and evening (before meals) until symptoms improve. In prevention, if you have a fragile liver, you can also do a cure twice a year for two weeks, in spring and in autumn.
  • Powdered: mix a level teaspoonful in a little water, to be taken two to three times a day before meals.
  • In herbal teas: ask your herbalist to make a mixture of milk thistle, artichoke, boldo, fumitory and rosemary. Drink two to three bowls of this herbal tea per day for three weeks to drain the liver, twice a year.

Detoxify your liver without medication, by Marie Borrel (Leduc. S éditions)

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