Mindfulness tasks that only take a couple of minutes

Mindfulness problems are not limited to schoolchildren who dreamily glance out into the street while the teacher recites new material at the blackboard. Lack of concentration also disturbs adults, although often they themselves do not even realize it.

Therefore, today we are in the editorial office “So easy!” we offer readers mindfulness tasksthat will tell you if everything is good with your concentration. It only takes a couple of minutes.

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Mindfulness tasks

  1. First of all, we offer a picture of funny snowmen. But in this company there were also some sad ones. Try to find those who are not in the best frame of mind. It’s okay if you have time to find everyone in 10-15 seconds.

    mindfulness assignments for children

  2. The second task is more difficult. There are many funny emoticons in the picture. However, there is one who seems to be happier than the others. Try to spend no more than 30 seconds looking for the funniest emoticon.
  3. In the third task, you should find a cute little mouse among the mushrooms. Not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. Maybe someone managed to notice the handsome immediately?
  4. And finally, we offer a task that only the most attentive can handle. Among the abundance of octopuses going about their business, a fish lurked. However, it seems that she knows how to hide, so finding her is not so easy. But we believe that you will succeed.

Quest tips

In the first task, one sad snowman is located almost in the center, and the other is at the very end. In the second task, the emoticon with the widest smile is at the beginning of the eighth row. A white mouse looks out from behind a mushroom on the left side of the picture in the third task. And in the last picture, the bulging eye of the fish is noticeable slightly to the left of the center.

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As you can see, these mindfulness tasks suitable for both children and adults. Did you find the objects you were looking for quickly? Or did you have to tinker with some task longer than the others?

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