Mine, and only mine: 5 ways to fall in love with any man

Simple tactics that will make you the most desirable in the eyes of the man you like – we learn to use our female potential at 100%.

To drive a man you like crazy, you don’t need long legs, or an appetizing neckline, or an angelic face – it is enough to understand male psychology well and master several simple tactics.

Choose a feminine style

How to fall in love with a man love relationship couple dating psychology

Surely, in men you are attracted by everything that is as unlike you as possible – a low voice, an athletic physique, rough hands, stubble, and further down the list. It is not surprising that men are all the same – in girls they like everything that is diametrically opposite, funny, mysterious, but invariably exciting. Instead of trousers – skirts and dresses, instead of sneakers – heels, instead of nibbled nails – well-groomed manicure, instead of loose cotton underwear – weightless lace.

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Curls, earrings, arrows, small handbags, hats, neckline and leg cuts, perfume with sweet or spicy notes – all these time-tested methods of seduction seem morally outdated today. But no matter how stylish and advanced unisex looks, no matter how oversized T-shirts, banana pants and baseball caps suit you, at the level of physiology, subject to our traditional orientation, we still continue to be drawn to opposites.

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Therefore, when going on an important date, do not neglect the stylish tricks of the times of Marilyn Monroe, be inspired by your standards of femininity – be it Monica Bellucci, Dita Von Teese or your mother. And don’t cross the line where the seductive image becomes vulgar and masquerade – don’t cosplay pin-up beauties or wear “all the best at once”, feminine style is always about hints and half-tones.

Be lighter

How to fall in love with a man love relationship couple dating psychology

You may be worried about the coronavirus situation, the global economic crisis, political unrest and issues of discrimination. It is likely that in addition to these global problems, your bright head is also busy with solving a whole list of smaller problems – paying for loans and mortgages, conflicts with bosses, work tasks and deadlines, and, you know, an ultrasound scan of the pancreas will not do it by itself.

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And I would like to have a person nearby who will not only listen, but, ideally, even help to cope with some of the current tasks. Because from time to time even the most iron of us wants “just a little dress and handles”, so that someone could say with weight: “Let’s solve it,” and the problem / debt / headache disappeared by itself.

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But in order to come to such a relationship, do not make a big common mistake – do not start to “load” a man with your feelings right now, or, which happens even more often, do not try to amaze him with your depth. Be guided by the rules of small talk – at first, avoid conflicting topics, talk about money, and even more so disease.

Laugh at his jokes, joke yourself – just don’t try to joke him, discuss topics that are pleasant to both: travel, friends, dreams, movies, childhood memories, hobbies. Watch your speech – let it be more positive, markers like “excellent”, “super”, “magical”, “how great”, “this is not a problem”, “I fell in love (with this place / this kitchen / this thing)”. The secret is obvious – we all have enough pressing problems and sorely lacking a holiday. Therefore, the person who gives this feeling, I want to see again and again.

Talk about him

How to fall in love with a man love relationship couple dating psychology

What is there to talk about, if not “turn on Posner”, not brag to each other about their awareness of the news picture of the day, not turn the conversation into a lecture on psychology, marketing or art history, and not even complain about life? The answer lies on the surface – talk about it. It would seem that this is a simple rule of how to win over the interlocutor, everyone knows – but they rarely use it.

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As a rule, the first date turns into honing the skills of self-presentation – you try to tell the best about yourself as soon as possible, the listener can only nod and applaud. Perhaps you are really an extremely charismatic person and it is interesting to listen to you as a radio program – but this does not guarantee a second date and the development of relationships, because each of us first of all likes not to listen, but to talk about ourselves, loved.

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Give a man such an opportunity – just do it subtly. If you start to portray genuine interest with phrases like: “I always wanted to learn more about internal combustion engines” – even the thickest-skinned men will feel some kind of catch. You do not need to delve into questions that are not interesting to you – look for topics in which he is strong and which you will want to listen to, ask his opinions and find out about his past in those aspects that he likes to talk about.

If you understand that your life is much brighter and more eventful than his – you swam with sea lions in Kamchatka, hugged emperor penguins in Antarctica and lived in African tribes, speak three languages, get another higher education, practice yoga in your free time on glanders and seriously thinking about parachuting, but he goes from home to work and back home, never made a passport and read the book for the last time at school – this is not a reason to make your benefit performance out of the evening. This is a reason to think – why do you need such a misalliance?

Let him be a hero

How to fall in love with a man love relationship couple dating psychology

Do you remember Gorky’s rule “in life there is always a place for feat”? Be guided by it, just do not take everything too literally – this is not about a rigged attack by hooligans, not about a staged theft of a handbag and not even about a filed hairpin, when a man can finally show himself as a superman and carry you in his arms, fight for you, protect and in every possible way to show their heroic essence.

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A little less theatricality and fantasies, more life and applied situations – let him help you with advice or deed and invest in you, no matter money, time, effort, or all together. The fact is that men love quite differently from women – for them the object of sympathy becomes more valuable with each conditional “investment.” This does not mean that it is worth hinting that your counterpart will pay for your utilities this month – do not reduce this issue to finances at all, although you certainly should not refuse the offer to pay for your coffee. Let him open the door for you, give you a hand, throw his jacket over his shoulders, help carry heavy things – and remember, one nuance is important here.

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Do not forget to thank, notice and remember: “I liked the film that you recommended to me so much! Thank you! “,” Wow, you spoil me so much, thank you! “,” Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you! ” To pronounce everything, even the most insignificant “feats” in your honor, is a very correct tactic. Perhaps the man himself did not notice how he gave you his hand, or forgot how he helped with the move – but you remind me, and let the list slowly form in his head. At some point, he will lead to the thought: I do so much for her = she is very dear to me.

Create a deficit

How to fall in love with a man love relationship couple dating psychology

Now for a few pick-up tricks that, while obvious, still work great. First, remember: you should always be a little bit small. Even if the date is going well and literally immediately soul to soul, “lips to lips, eyes to eyes”, you should not sit in his car until late at night in intimate conversations, from the first meetings devote him to all your plans, thoughts and facts from the past , and even more so it is not worth translating the first exits into the horizontal plane, unless, of course, your goal is a long-term relationship.

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Secondly, remember the “swing” technique: attracted-pushed away. It works at all levels, starting with simple communication: today you are inclined to chat and joke, answer messages with lightning speed, are verbose – tomorrow you will not answer for several hours, or even a day. For a very good reason – there was a lot of work, I didn’t go online, I helped to get my grandmother across the road. When it comes to closer communication, also do not lose this skill: kissed, snuggled – and pulled back, sat down half-turned or crossed her arms. At first, such a maneuver seems artificial – but it is in it that the secret of the natural charm of French women lies. You are just all so sudden and contradictory and kind of interested, but it seems like not, and what else can you interest me in?

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And thirdly – surround yourself with male attention. The idea of ​​sending yourself flowers from an unknown fan is not so bad, but if it seems too staged to you, limit yourself to natural resources – you have male friends and colleagues. They, like friends, joke with you, drink coffee, help with advice, put likes under the photo. The question is, on whom will you focus the attention of your potential boyfriend and who will you talk about – agree, because you can tell what Lenka wrote to you today, and keep silent about the memes from Anton, from which you laughed all morning. Or vice versa. Well, you get it.

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