Miu Miu collection 2021: fashion for modern girls

The pandemic and the global lockdown could not but affect various spheres of life, including the holding of fashion show formats, and perhaps this is for the best, designers trick the idea of ​​holding shows without the physical presence of guests. A prime example was the Miu Miu show for the warm spring-summer 2021 season. The fashion show was staged on an imaginary sports arena in pink, white and black. Women who are famous actresses, models, brand ambassadors and bloggers were invited as guests who came online through the big screens in the arena.

The show itself reminded us that the main thing in clothes is convenience, as the author herself speaks of her brainchild – “This is a collection about polarity – we live in times like this. Everything is opposite to each other. Sportswear and evening wear, reality and fantasy – we need both, ”Miuccia Prada gracefully combines romance, sport and glamor.

Miu Miu spring-summer 2021: fashion for modern girls

They were responsible for sports – stripes on trousers, jackets, also boots with heels, pointed sneakers and bright bombers, for romance – translucent dresses in gentle colors, bows on dresses and skirts, ruffles on blouses, fluffy skirts to the knee, crystals on crop tops, bomber collars and skirts.

Clothing in the style of the 90s – fitted bombers, miniskirts, crop tops, as well as velor suits, which promise to be the new Juicy Couture; bows on mini dresses, bright polo shirts – send us back to the 70s. The collection itself turned out to be bright, in places naive and youthful, personifying the epochs of the 1970s and 1990s, that is, the author wanted to thereby show that you need to dress the way you like and with convenience. Velor, organza, knitwear, neoprene prevailed in the texture of the clothes. The main colors of the show are pink cotton wool, mint candy, bright yellow sun, blue sky, blue sapphire.

Miuccia Prada, with the help of young models, reminded us that in the first place is the love of fashion shows, at a time when we were young, and sitting with a laptop on our knees, we were expecting the next fashion shots from Fashion Week.

Author: Shaidieva Aidana, stylist – image maker (@aydana_shaydieva)


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