Model Amber Valletta and Karl Lagerfeld to release a joint collection of eco-accessories

The fashion house Karl Lagerfeld has announced the release of an eco-friendly collection of accessories, created in collaboration with American model Amber Valletta.

The Karl Lagerfeld x Amber Valletta collaboration will include several bags, a wallet and cardholder, a cosmetic bag, and a water bottle. The Spring / Summer 2021 collection is crafted from innovative, sustainable materials sourced with minimal environmental impact.

Photo: press service

The real gem of the new collection is the K / Kushion bag. The accessory is presented in two versions at once: from cactus leather or from 90% recycled cotton. The design of the model is inspired by the favorite pillow of Karl Lagerfeld, which the designer has kept since childhood. Over time, the pillow began to wear out, and Lagerfeld copied its silhouette to create his iconic accessory.

“Karl and I had so much in common and I am very excited to be collaborating with his namesake brand on a project that is so important to both of us. When I received the first details on cooperation and saw our names together, I was so touched and excited ”, – Amber Valletta shared her thoughts on the collaboration.

“Amber and Karl have worked together for many years and she is a true member of the brand family.” – said the general director of the fashion house Pier Paolo Rigi.


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