Mom in trend: stylish looks for spring

How does mommy’s style differ from that of an ordinary girl? First of all – maximum comfort, often the absence of heels, and sometimes colors. What is good in everyday life for an office lady is not needed in the realities of a resident of playgrounds. But today, many young mothers want to lead an active, social lifestyle, be aware of all events and, accordingly, be in trend.

So what should mommy choose to look stylish in 2021?

1. Total denim. Jeans, shirts, jackets, tops, try all at once. Convenient, bright, interesting. The color and density depends on your preference. Also, do not forget about accessories: scarves, handbags and even denim peplum. All this fits very well into everyday images. Patchwork also looks interesting in the context of denim products. For example, a vest made of shreds or a trouser leg made of different colors of jeans.

2. Transparency. World brands offer to wear transparent maxi dresses, ala beach tunics. Let’s put this trend into practice. It is not recommended to shine with naked tummies and underwear, nevertheless children are looking at us … But to throw a dress over a usual set of T-shirt + jeans, emphasize the waist with a belt and a chic, extraordinary image is ready. This dress can be replaced with an organza trench coat. The wow effect is ensured.

3. Let there be color! Sky blue, pink or bright orange … World brands are advised to wear monochrome color images. If you are not ready to stand out so much, then you can introduce brightness through accessories. Accent shoes or a handbag will save the most boring look. The Pantone Color Institute has been named the 2021 favorites for yellow and gray. Try mixing them with achromats – black and white.

4. Inscriptions. Since the 70s, slogans and individual words on clothes have become very popular. It is a manifestation of personal opinion, mood and sense of humor. This season, there is little talk and big letters in the trend. T-shirts, jackets, jeans and scarves are the best lettering canvases. Use them with simple, “clean” clothes without prints, so as not to overload the image.

5. Leggings with strips. Such sweatpants, exposing the ankle, will add zest to the image. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, do not wear with a tight top. Leggings will look great with a chunky top. Oversized hoodies, jackets, and cardigans are good allies for leggings. You can also safely wear them with short dresses, shorts and a-line mini skirts.

6. Among the shoes, I would like to note short ugg boots, sheepskin clogs, they will be at the peak of popularity in the spring of 2021. The most comfortable shoes for any mother, soft and warm, and also very stylish. Clogs with fur make great friends with wide jeans-pipes or skinny, a cropped oversized down jacket or a trench coat and a cap. Winding circles with a stroller is the thing …

Also favorites are Chelsea and brogue shoes with thick tractor soles, mules or ballet flats with a square cape, Cossacks.

Clothes for a young mother

7. Summer jersey. An interesting and practical replacement for boring things. The jersey does not wrinkle and is very mobile, which means it is comfortable for mothers. For example, a set of top and cropped cardigan can be used both with a skirt and with trousers, separately or together. Polo tops also stay with us this season. Mix them up with palazzo or dad fit trousers and linen-style midi skirts.

8. Hats. Kerchiefs, panamas, hats and caps. To stand out, choose accent, bright hats, printed or from an interesting texture (sheepskin, lacquer, leather, tweed). Or calm, neutral in color, which will harmoniously fit into your image.

Being a mom is not easy, but being a stylish mom is doubly. But this is undoubtedly possible. Get inspired, experiment and beautify the world every day.

Author: Maria Borsch (@ mariyab.instyle)


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