Monica Bellucci: more sublime than ever at 55, with a wavy square and glamorous makeup

At 55, Monica Bellucci is a beauty icon, internationally known for her dream physique. On Instagram, his subscribers number in the millions (3.3 million). Her fans carefully follow each snapshot posted on the famous social network: photos in which the Franco-Italian actress unveils ever more glamorous beauty. Recently, Monica Bellucci flaunted with haircut of the year. She also appeared sexier and more glamorous than ever with her plated hair and glossy lips. The native of Citta di Castello also posted a photo where she reveals a bright and trendy look, as well as her very fashionable haircut : the short wavy square! As always, Monica Bellucci sparked an avalanche of comments under this new post, liked over 156,000 times! “Perfection”, “The most beautiful woman in the world” can we read from his many fans.

Monica Bellucci opts for a more glamorous beauty than ever

Iridescent eye shadow, XXL eyelashes, nude mouth, luminous complexion: Monica Bellucci’s makeup is a faultless. Hair level, the brunette beauty remains faithful to her short wavy square, which she wears wonderfully. It was also at the end of last year that Monica Bellucci decided to say goodbye to her long hair to join the short hair team. After the short and smooth bob as well as the boyish cut, Monica Bellucci never tires of her short wavy bob! An ideal haircut to reveal and sublimate the features of (almost) all faces (women with rather round or square faces should rather go for a blurred or plunging square). As for the option “wavy hair”: this is an ideal look for one effect at a time wild and sexy, mainly in summer, for a beach look or a summer evening! We love !

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