MonWW, the new weight watchers slimming program

At a time when everything is personalized, each and every one of us desires something perfectly suited to his person.

” That is why, monWW does not offer a single approach to slimming, but three different ways, for more customization who facilitates weight loss », Explains Gary Foster.

To each their food preferences and lifestyle

A personalization questionnaire allows you to know what everyone expects from the new MyWW program and to define what suits them best.

“MyWW allows develop its efficiency, to self-confidenceTo arrive at losing weight, which is essential, affirms the international scientific director of WW, because if we do not adhere, it does not work. ”

To adapt as much as possible to the needs and desires of each individual, it took two years to develop the program. My WW starts with a personalization questionnaire that directs each individual to what suits them best.

  • So we can be ‘green’ which offers more than 100 foods at ZeroPoint, with a large Budget SmartPoints to use for other foods that you enjoy.
  • We can be ‘blue’ which offers more than 200 foods to ZeroPoint to build your meal, and a slightly smaller SmartPoints Budget.
  • And we can be ‘purple’ which allows you to have 300 foods at ZeroPoint, but a limited SmartPoints Budget.

“This flexibility is important for success, because when you are too prescriptive, when there are too many prohibitions, it does not work in the long term,” warns Gary Foster. The important thing is to take good habits, but not to ‘lose your life’ to lose weight. You have to learn to make conscious choices. “

The workshops are equallyimportant because they provide group dynamic, an entourage that experiences similar things to what every WW member experiences. “What derails is either pessimism or too much self-confidence,” warns Gary Foster.

Real benefits

A clinical test conducted for six months by the Weight Management Center at the University of South Carolina, shows some interesting results: 8% weight loss, a 2% drop in systolic blood pressure, a 24% decrease in the feeling of hunger and an r7% reduction in cravings.

What can you expect to lose in weight in the first month? ” From 500 g to 1 kg per week, Gary Foster believes, a little more the first few days because you lose water, but the goals are not just about the weight displayed on the scale, they are also small victories like ‘I can climb the stairs without being out of breath. ‘,’ I can play and roll on the floor with my child ‘. “

The study results also show that 88% of participants say it’s easier to follow my WW to lose weight than when trying alone, and for 90% it’s more of a lifestyle. than a diet.

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