Mood swings: our gentle solutions to stop them

Who is not exposed at times to stress, fatigue, hormonal variations or bad news …? We are no exception, but we all react in different ways and for some, slippages are not uncommon. These roller coaster emotions have enough to exhaust us … and also tire those around us who sometimes find it difficult to understand us. Alternative medicine and body-minded approaches can help us stabilize them.

The homeo solution

What is my profile? “This question must be asked in order to find a comprehensive basic treatment which in particular regulates emotional peaks”, assures Dr Gérard Pacaud, homeopath, author of My Homeopathy Guide (Marabout, 2015). Its decoding:

Treatments on a case-by-case basis:

– You are very dynamic, hardworking, but during a stroke of blues, you no longer believe in anything: take Sulfur, 1 dose per week in 15 CH, and in difficult periods, 3 granules per day in the evening in 9 CH , as well as 3 granules of Ignatia in 9 CH.

– You are introverted, withdrawn, competent, you like in-depth work, but you can be overcome by frustration and you dwell on the problems: 1 dose of Lycopodium in 15 CH once a week, and 3 granules every day in 9 CH as well as Staphysagria in 9 CH in case of reduction.

– You are volcanic! Dynamic, but sometimes a little angry: Nux vomica, one dose per week in 15 CH, and three granules in 5 CH when the mustard comes to your nose.

– You are naturally pessimistic and very dark from time to time: Aurum, 1 dose in 15 CH once a week and 3 granules of Staphysagria in 9 CH to go up the slope if necessary.

Plant support

Some play on emotions by having an action on neurotransmitters. In phytotherapy, herbalist Thierry Folliard, author of Petit Larousse of essential oils (2014), recommends 3 capsules per day of Rhodiola rosea in dry extract, which boosts serotonin (hormone of happiness), unless one is already on an antidepressant. Dr Pacaud proposes, for his part, a mother tincture to be prepared in pharmacies, based on Chamomilla, Linden, Passionflower and Escholtzia (in equal proportions). Ideal against anxieties that disrupt mood and sleep (10 to 20 drops in a little water in the evening).

The aroma tip: Think of the essential oils of Ylang-Ylang and Petitgrain sour cherry which boost good humor and relax, in a hot bath (3-4 drops of each in a dose of liquid soap to disperse them in the water).

Using meditation and breathing

“Emotions should not be repressed or let them dominate us, according to Dr Bernard Isnard *, but just be aware of them and create a space between them and us”. Two exercises to gain serenity.

The breath of the four seasons in the morning : In a comfortable position, become aware of the perceptible sensations. Then breathe in by lowering the breath into the belly and visualizing the spring, the rising sap… Hold the breath and imagine the summer full of heat, of fruits; then autumn and its smells, its colors, while breathing out, before a period of apnea, empty lungs to feel the winter, the crystallization, the contained force. Do this 10 times for 4 seconds for each phase you try to lengthen. The slower the breath, the more the emotions subside.

– Breath-contact in the evening: You are lying on your back and you locate the points of the body in contact with the mattress, then the perceptions, the emotions that come. Then breathe in slowly. Mark a time of apnea and while exhaling, imagine the breath coming out through the identified contact points. Repeat ten times.

The home made answer

An anti-stress facial self-massage: Place the flat of the fingers in the middle of the forehead and smooth by stretching the skin outwards, on each side (5 or 6 times). Then exert circular pressure on the inner and outer tips of the eyebrows. It relaxes!

A good herbal tea: Boil for 5 minutes 1 tsp. to s. of ginseng or eleutherococcus, then let steep for 15 minutes. To consume rather in the morning.

* Author de Choosing optimism through imaginative and creative meditation, Bussière 2015 editions.

Fatigue, each profile has its remedy

“Professionally, I am …” survey


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