Mosquito-tiger: what are the most effective repellents?

Inadvertent buzzing, bites, itching… Mosquitoes are the sworn enemies of our balmy summer evenings. While most mosquitoes are harmless, other species can be particularly dangerous. This is the case of the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), also called the tropical mosquito.

To prevent bites, long clothing and mosquito nets are highly recommended. But you can also opt for repellents on sale in supermarkets and / or in pharmacies. Spray for clothes, bracelets, insecticide products, essential oils to diffuse… There are all kinds of products called “miracles” in the market, but then which ones can we really trust?

Repellents to avoid

Although they enjoy an intact reputation, repellents containing vegetable oils such as lemongrass or rosemary would not be as effective as one might think. For Catherine Gourlay, deputy director of the evaluation of regulated products at ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety), their effectiveness would be short-lived and to be used exclusively at the outside. “Not all essential oils have a repellent effect, but we are currently evaluating geranium-based oils to measure their biocidal efficacy and their potential danger “, she explains in an interview with the site

Same story for twists, spirals and / or coils to be burnt in cups. As for the bracelets on sale in the trade, they could even cause undesirable effects in young children, according to Catherine Gourlay.

Preferred products

According to ANSES, spray sprays and body lotions seem to be the most effective against our sworn enemies. At one condition : “preference should be given to biocidal repellants that have been granted marketing authorization”, advises the Deputy Director of Product Evaluation. This authorization can be found on the label with an associated file number.

We do not forget the good old methods which remain the most effective such as installing a mosquito net. Also choose loose white outfits because mosquitoes prefer dark shades.

58 departments in red vigilance

The tiger mosquito is a small mosquito with black and white stripes, which can, in rare cases, transmit infectious diseases such as dengue or chikungunya. Fortunately, he cannot transmit Covid-19. Originally from South-East Asia, the most feared mosquito is now well established in France, especially in 58 departments in the south of France, still in red vigilance *.

* Source : MOSQUITO VIGILANCE, Tiger Mosquito map 2020

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