Must-do: Japanese beauty secrets for expectant mothers

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While waiting for the baby, hormonal changes occur in the woman’s body, which often leads to unexpected rashes, irritation and dryness of the skin, even when using your favorite products. Real care gurus – Japanese beauties – solve a delicate problem by observing a few basic rules. We are sharing oriental beauty hacks that will help maintain your skin in perfect condition during a special period of life.

Use hypoallergenic cosmetics and an emollient makeup remover

It is important for a future mother to leave only natural decorative cosmetics in her arsenal for a while, since the epidermis becomes much more sensitive. The ideal solution during the months of waiting for the baby is to apply makeup as little as possible or use products without perfumery fragrances and aggressive ingredients.

With regard to delicate makeup removal, a reliable assistant will be a hydrophilic oil, which gently removes impurities and particles of cosmetics, and also protects the epidermis from dryness. The hydrophilic oil of the Japanese brand HADALABO from the universal moisturizing line Gokujyun will perfectly cope with the task. The product contains two types of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and trace elements. The combination of components retains moisture, improves skin elasticity and tone, making it velvety and smooth.

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Carefully approach cleansing

Gentle makeup remover is half the way to healthy looking skin during pregnancy. However, in addition to this, it is important to choose for yourself a tool that will effectively remove dirt and dead particles from the surface of the epidermis, prevent moisture loss and give invaluable softness. The Gokujyun line of the HADALABO brand includes a foam with superhyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate, which provides deep skin cleansing.

The unique formula of the product contains no alcohol, dyes and fragrances, and the components in the composition help to get rid of irritation of the epidermis, which is especially important for girls in position. It is enough to press the dispenser pump once to obtain a thick foam with a delicate creamy texture. Amazing silkiness and freshness of the skin after the procedure will keep a wonderful mood for a long time!

Moisturize the skin, avoiding overly active ingredients in the product

Moisturizing is the third mandatory step in your daily facial skin care. During pregnancy, it is definitely worth giving up lotions and tonics with a bright plant aroma, alcohol content, as well as medicinal products. The reason for this precaution is quite justified – overly active components in the composition can cause allergic reactions.

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It is better to choose for yourself a mild product that will ideally restore the natural pH balance of the epidermis after contact with water and prepare it for applying the cream. HADALABO Gokujyun lotion with three types of hyaluronic acid in its composition can properly moisturize the skin, repel flaking and redness. After pre-cleansing, apply the product with light patches and enjoy a pleasant result.

Take care of intense hydration of the epidermis

The Japanese philosophy of facial skin care implies gentle and effective hydration. At the final stage of the beauty ritual, the expectant mother can safely trust the cream without artificial colors, alcohol and mineral oils.

Today, many natural products, including HADALABO Gokujyun cream, are able to intensively moisturize the skin, make it more elastic and elastic, and, in addition, restore the protective barrier. The gel-like texture of HADALABO cream prevents stickiness and allows the product to be absorbed quickly.

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During the months of waiting for your baby, it’s time to envelop yourself in care and pamper your skin with beauty treatments. The main thing is to systematically use proven products with harmless components, as inspiring and well-groomed Japanese women do.

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