MV Agusta presented a collection of clothes

Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has presented a capsule collection of clothing. It was created under the guidance of designer Danilo Pauro.

The name of the line is Logo Level 1, the capsule includes gender-fluid items that are suitable for both men and women. Danilo has adapted the elements of motorcycle and streetwear to the requirements of everyday wardrobe. So, for example, a red bomber jacket appeared in the collection. It fully reflects the idea of ​​the capsule: “Out of gender, out of season,” they say in the brand. The collection also includes T-shirts and sweatshirts, jackets and trousers with technical details. All items are made in Italy.

The creative team of Kaleidoscope magazine worked on the campaign. Photographer Jim Ned captured clothing against a backdrop of rationalist buildings, reminiscent of the architecture in the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico. Metafisica Veloce – the phrase encoded in the brand name – became the main idea of ​​the shooting. It was held in Trezigallo, which is also called the “metaphysical city”. Responsible for speed is the Superveloce motorcycle, the design of which resonates with clothing.

The collection is planned to be released as drops. In the future, it will be replenished with accessories. Items are sold on the website.


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