My child celebrates his birthday in confinement: how to manage without frustration?

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Your child will be celebrating his birthday in the next few weeks and is depressed about not being able to invite his friends over to the house? Get inspired by our good ideas to live this moment without frustration.

We almost believed this epidemic behind us. And yet, here we are again as in March: families confined, shops closed, teleworking and drastic limitation of social contacts … A difficult reality, especially when you want to celebrate key moments in life: weddings , baptisms, end of year celebrations and birthdays! If your child’s birthday is approaching, it will have a special flavor, since it will be celebrated during the epidemic. You will therefore not be able to organize a big party for him in the presence of his best friends since gatherings are, to this day, prohibited. And if it may seem unfair to him (and you), he’ll have to accept the situation.

Celebrate the birthday of your child in confinement

The situation is certainly not what you imagined, but it is forbidden to let yourself down! If you can’t invite your family and your child’s friends, you can still celebrate their big day with lots of love. Here are our tips for celebrating in a small group.

1. Sow his day with little happiness

While waiting to be able to reunite family and friends, make sure that this day is sown with little joys: decorate the house with balloons, bake a good cake, set up a cabin in the living room, scatter some gifts in the house in “hunt mode”. treasure ”, organize a movie night with popcorns, learn a birthday choreography… All these attentions will allow him to spend a unique day which he will have fond memories of despite the exceptional situation.

2. Make a video conference with his friends

If they cannot be invited to the house, technology allows us to bring our loved ones to our home by interposed screens. Download HouseParty, an app where you can share highlights with everyone you love (“good old” Skype does the job too). Ask the little e-guests to plan a few balloons, a colorful garland or a disguise, in order to add a festive atmosphere to this virtual meeting. Your child will blow out his birthday candle in the presence of his best friends.

3. Ask the family to send a video

Ask cousins, cousins, grandparents … to make a video of a few seconds in which they wish your son or daughter a happy birthday, and show him these capsules for D-Day. He can see them and review them.

4. Post the birthday party

Even if we can find virtual solutions, nothing beats the presence of his loved ones to celebrate his birthday. Suggest that your child imagine what he would like to do for his birthday, once more people can be invited to the house.. In particular, he can choose a theme and an activity that he would like to share with his friends. This will allow him to project himself until the arrival of the festival in flesh and blood.

More advice for parents

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