My fall clothing style: stylist’s choice

September still makes me happy with warm days, but according to the nearest weather forecast, I will soon have to put aside my favorite “flip flops” from Mango and start looking for a woolen scarf. Some people think that autumn is a time of bright colors in the image, but in my case, the wardrobe consists of about fifty shades of beige, plus or minus achromats. Accents for me are accessories – shoes, bags, shawls, scarves, jewelry. In outfits, I prefer calm, natural shades, regardless of the season.

Usually for the fall I buy several things that serve me for more than one season. And first on my list of timeless things is the wool coat. My choice fell on a midi-length ginger-sand coat from Massimo Dutti. It is quite voluminous, which is undoubtedly a big plus, because I like to wear chunky knit sweaters under the bottom. I prefer trousers and jeans to dresses and skirts, so I wear a coat in the following images:

Shirt jackets have taken over this season and my wardrobe. But while most of my acquaintances were trying on a plaid jacket from Zara, I was captivated by the H&M model in ivory. It is difficult to implement it under a romantic image, but it will perfectly fit into a sports or casual look.

My fall clothing style: stylist's choice

Until I got a full-fledged two-piece suit, but I willingly buy jackets. Especially loose fit, covering the buttocks. Despite the versatility of the biker jacket, I am looking for alternatives, and the blazer does the job perfectly. On a cool day, I wear it with a sweatshirt or sweater.

My clothing style for fall

It was very difficult for me to admit to myself that I was addicted … to sweaters. According to my rough estimate, I have more than ten different cardigans, sweaters and turtlenecks! With a round and V-neck, with large buttons and made of fine wool, with a high neck and a pigtail pattern. Some are so warm that they can be worn in place of a jacket or jacket by wearing a T-shirt or shirt underneath.

My clothing style for fall

No matter what they say, a pair of pants in a wardrobe is a great investment because it is not only elegant but also practical. If I need to go to the office for a meeting, but wearing jeans is bad manners, then I will choose trousers: more strict straight lines with arrows or light palazzo are perfect. But for everyday life it is very easy to stylize them: my usual and favorite combination with sneakers, or, if it is chilly, damp weather outside, then I change sneakers for boots.

Stylish images for autumn

When it comes to picking the rarest piece in my wardrobe – skirts, I approach it very selectively. Fact: a skirt is about attractiveness, but I still put comfort above all else. I will not choose a model that constrains my movement or length that I feel insecure about. Therefore, I spend at least an hour searching and fitting.

For this fall, I found the perfect fit at Zara – an eco-leather pencil skirt below the knee with a slit in the front. The option is rather daring, more related to the drama style, but it all depends on the fantasy. This cold season, I plan to wear a skirt with both over the knee boots and loafers and textured tights.

The jersey suit was gaining popularity back in 2019, but during the forced self-isolation it became almost a must-have. As home clothes, I still prefer cozy pajamas from Oysho, but I will gladly wear a black knitted suit on cool evenings to meet with my friends.

My clothing style for fall

For some girls, shoes are a fetish, but for me fall / winter shoes are as much an investment as outerwear. Therefore, I choose basic models that can be easily combined with my wardrobe, without decor, with low heels or flat soles.

As for the boots, I opted for the rough-soled Chelsea, an absolute hit for fall-winter 2020-2021.

Shoes with heels speak of slowness and the same “classic” elegance, but since I often have to move around the city to be in time, there are practically no shoes in my wardrobe. I haven’t come across ideal ballet flats either, so while on my shoe shelf there are only loafers – made of suede and eco-leather.

Author: Julia Melekhova

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