My glam and practical haircut

Haircut, Fabio Salsa

Credit: Fabio Salsa

This notched, disheveled styling, done with a curling iron, is pulled back for a rock and retro feel.

Collection Fabio Salsa, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Dessange

Credit: Dessange

Fatal beauty atmosphere with this hairstyle. The waves provide a nice density and we like the notched effect that we give during drying.

Collection Dessange, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, La Biosthétique

Credits: La Biosthétique

The asymmetrical short cut is layered with longer hair on top. This hairstyle is worked with a round brush for a very 70s final look.

Collection Biosthetics, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Jean Louis David

Credit: Jean Louis David

The cut: a mid-length tapered on a line plunging towards the back in a regular gradient. For styling, bet on the flexible effect thanks to the work with the fingers.

Collection Jean Louis David, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Hairdressing & Co

Credits: Coiff & Co

A rock and modern spirit with this banana. Practical, the creping on the top of the head energizes the styling.

Collection Coiff & Co, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Interlude

Credits: Intermède

Feminine and perfect for summer, opt for this layered fluid ball cut that is styled naturally for a combed-disheveled result.

Collection Interlude, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Franck Provost

Credit: Franck Provost

Glamorous, this mid-length layered cut on the lower part is worn with a long section swept aside to highlight the eyes. Seventies atmosphere, brushing is done with a round brush with an outward movement.

Collection Franck Provost, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Saint Algue

Credit: Saint Algue

We adopt without hesitation this asymmetrical square on naturally curly hair for a pep’s look.

Collection Holy Algae, spring-summer 2012

Haircut, Tchip

Credit: Tchip

An ultra feminine ball cut with a beautiful material that keeps a nice volume.

Collection Tchip, spring-summer 2012

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