My homeo fall kit

Homeopathy is tailor-made medicine. Its strong point: giving answers according to its terrain, its fragilities, but also specific manifestations, its moods … Find the products that suit you and equip yourself on the advice of Dr Albert-Claude Quémoun, co-author of Homeopathy is smart, with Sophie Pensa (Leduc. S).

I don’t want to get sick this winter

Colds, viruses, poisoning, ENT infection lying around … It is difficult to escape until the warm weather returns. We prevent and we act at the slightest symptom.
– Thymuline to boost your defenses: Take one dose per week in 9 CH then one per month until the end of winter.
– Avian to prevent colds and tonsillitis: This also helps to avoid the vicious circle of ENT infections in winter. Take one dose per week in 9CH for 3 weeks.
– Influenzinum to protect against the flu: It is the anti-flu par excellence, to prevent it before and during the epidemic period. Take one dose per week for a month, then one dose per month until the end of winter in 9 CH.
– Gelsemium to go up the slope: Rescue remedy during the flu, when you feel feverish at the bottom of the bed. 2 granules three times a day 9 CH until symptoms stop.
– Aconitum napellus to avoid colds: It is taken during exposure to a cold snap, on the first cool mornings, and of course in the mountains. 9 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day at the time, and especially if you start to feel taken.
– Dulcamara in case of damp cold: Perfect when you are shivering after taking the rain. 9 CH, 3 granules 3 times a day during exposure and at the first symptom.
– China to treat stomach flu. Curative in case of intestinal flu accompanied by diarrhea. 2 granules three times a day 5 CH until symptoms disappear.

I need energy

The benefits of the holidays pass quickly… and everyday fatigue catches up just as quickly.
– Gelsemium to get back into the rhythm: Prevents fatigue due to the change of rhythm badly experienced after the holidays, a long weekend, a change of time. 2 granules in 9 CH once a day at the time of resumption of activity for 10 days maximum.
– Nux vomica en anti pump stroke: Against pump strokes after lunch. 2 granules before eating in 9 CH.
– Sepia against the associated blues: The right remedy when you have too much on your back, when you feel weighed down and this fatigue is accompanied by depression. 2 granules twice a day in 9 CH during the difficult period only.

I am already stressed

Of course, we should learn to calm down, to breathe to control the rising stress. A little homeo help also helps!
– Staphysagria against ruminations: It is dedicated to stressed but introverted people, who ruminate on their aggressiveness, denigrate those around them. A feeling of oppression can complete the picture. Take 2 granules twice a day for prevention and three times when you feel bad, in 9 CH for three days.
– Colocynthis to free oneself from blockages: When stress manifests itself in waves, such as spasms that prevent thinking, making the right decisions. We feel feverish. 2 granules three times a day 9 CH during these stress attacks.
Ignatia amara in case of lump in the throat: Ideal when you have a lump in the throat. A feeling of anxiety interferes with swallowing, it is difficult to breathe well. 2 granules three times a day 9 CH for 4 or 5 days.
– Nux Vomica to calm down: If stress makes us explosive and makes us lose all patience. 2 granules in 9 CH when the tension rises.

I have trouble sleeping

Sleep is the best medicine. You still have to sleep well so as not to get up tired and end the day on your knees.
Raw coffee to fall asleep better: The remedy you need if you have trouble falling asleep. 2 granules at bedtime in 9 CH.
Arsenicum album against nocturnal awakenings: If you wake up between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Anxiety wakes you from sleep and you have trouble falling back to sleep. 2 granules at bedtime in 9 CH and 2 others in the event of waking up at night.
Kalium carbonicum to avoid early awakenings: If you tend to wake up around 4 a.m. feeling very anxious, going over in your head everything that awaits you the next day. 2 granules at bedtime in 9 CH and 2 more when you wake up.
Sepia to be in good shape in the morning: When you have slept, but you still feel tired when you wake up, that you hardly emerge. 2 granules in the morning when you wake up and 2 more around 11.9 a.m. CH if you don’t feel better.

I digest badly

Cramps, bloating… We want to feel lighter!
Iris versicolor against heartburn: For heartburn in the throat, larynx, upper stomach. 2 granules three times a day in 5 CH in the event of symptoms.
Magnesia phosphorica for light digestion: In case of stomach cramps, feeling of heaviness, indigestion. 2 granules 3 times a day in 5 CH until the symptoms disappear.
Asa foetida et Lycopodium clavatum to put an end to the little hassles: Asa foetida : If the difficult digestion causes burping. 2 granules three times a day in 5 CH in difficult times. If digestion leads to farts instead: Lycopodium clavatum. 2 granules three times a day in 5 CH until everything is in order.

It’s decided, I refine my silhouette

Eat less, move more, it works! But a few granules can facilitate the process.
Antimonium raw, for its appetite suppressant effect: It helps to better control appetite. 2 granules three times a day in 7 CH and at the time of strong cravings.
Anacardium orientalis, good for morale: If hunger is accompanied by bursts of aggression that make it difficult to stay on target. 2 granules three times a day in 7 CH during periods of cravings.
Solidago virgaurea, for its detox virtues: It drains the liver and kidneys, eliminates and does not store toxins such as fats as an accompaniment to a detox diet. 2 granules three times a day in 4 CH for a week twice a year in autumn and spring.

My goal beautiful skin

We all dream of it, but we don’t think enough about homeopathy to optimize the action of our cosmetics.
Lycopodium, for its anti-wrinkle effect: It is the homeopathic anti-wrinkle par excellence and it is taken over the long term. 2 granules three times a day in 9 CH for three months, stop for one month and resume over three months … To be combined with a general drainer like Solidago.
Sepia, against spots: It helps fight against sun spots in combination with a skin treatment. 2 granules 3 times a day in 5 CH.
I want light legs: We also suffer from it in winter, because of the underfloor heating, boots …
Viper hatching against swelling: If the feeling of heaviness and cramping is accompanied by swelling. 2 granules of 5 CH 3 times a day in the event of symptoms.
Pulsatilla, in case of spider veins: Well as a basic treatment in case of associated spider veins. 2 granules 3 times a day in 9 CH as an attack treatment then one dose per week in 9 CH.



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