Nabilla radically changes her hairstyle!

Followed by more than 6 million Internet users on Instagram, Nabilla Vergara has evolved well Since her first appearances on French television (both mentally and physically!) Aged 28, the young businesswoman has abandoned her teenage style (often described as extravagant at the time) for a much more sophisticated and classy look ! This applies to both clothing and hair level. Last month, Milann’s happy mother, for example, displayed herself with a long polar blond square on social networks, before adopting a sublime mid-length brown square with bangs.

Very quickly, Thomas Vergara’s wife regained her lengths and revealed herself with a bunch of different hairstyles (sometimes wavy hair, sometimes smooth, sometimes tied…). More recently still (yesterday, Sunday June 9), the famous Franco-Swiss media personality completely panicked the Web with a totally unexpected look, both wild and sexy! His fans love it!

Nabilla: sexier than ever with ultra-curly dream hair!

In the photo in question, Nabilla reveals an ultra-voluminous mane, with curls more plump than ever. One look at a time wild and sexy that she wears wonderfully. Coloring level, Nabilla displays pretty honey highlights, which bring a perfect touch of light to her face. Finally, in terms of make-up, the former reality TV candidate was seduced by a nude and glossy beauty. Fresh and luminous complexion, subtly highlighted eyes, defined eyebrows, slightly orangey and shiny lips: she makes a new flawless!

Under this publication, which exceeded 247,000 in just 16 hours, the comments of his fans are linked and numbered in the thousands: “Curly hair looks great on you! Looks like you were born like this so much it seems natural! ”,“ Curly hair looks great on you ”,“ I’m in love with this woman’s style ”,“ You’re sublime, this look suits you so well ”. What do you think ?


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