Nail polish and products for perfect hands and feet

Despite the last few months nail polish has been set aside and the natural manicure they imposed themselves out of necessity (in the first week of the beauty centers closing, Google searches forNail reconstruction kit”Increased by 4500%), according to the marketing research firm NPD, the sector nail care in the United States it was the one that was least affected by the crisis. In the salon or with the do-it-yourself, the care to have hands (and perfect feet too) represents a form of self care. Furthermore, between smartphone and computer keyboard, they are always under our eyes. Come sostiene Miss Pop Nails, New York manicurist and backstage guru of Fashion Week: “Play with nail polish, do it for yourself! When you put on your make-up, it is others who can see you, while your nails are a beauty detail that you can keep looking at too ”.

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“The interesting thing about the 2008 crisis is that there has been a lot of focus on nail treatment,” said Celia Tombalakian, VP of Sally Hansen Global & US Marketing. Byrdie Beauty. Among the best-selling products are the bases to strengthen and stretch the brittle nails and top coats to give a shiny finish to the natural nail. Continued use of soaps and sanitizers can put stress on your skin and nails. “Dehydrated nails, cuticles and skin can cause cracked, chipped and flaking nails, and rough or cracked cuticles,” said Tom Bachick, the nail artist of stars such as Jennifer Lopez e Selena Gomez which has just launched a “social isolation survival kit” in collaboration with Tweezerman for do-it-yourself manicure.

Per perfect hands and feet, ready to be painted with the seasonal color (theOrange in all its warm and bright shades that stand out with the tan), the essentials are a buffer for smoothing, cuticle oil and a protective base. For perfect feet, we also add treatments to soften the skin and combat dry heels: they are scrubs and masks that are worn like socks and held in place in a moment of relaxation or during the night. In gallery.


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