Nail polish: the best color to adopt according to your astrological sign

You are Aries: glowing red

After finding out how choose your lipstick color according to your astrological sign, make way for color of nail polish to adopt according to your zodiac sign. Indeed, each of them has its own characteristics and some colors are more suitable to some signs than others. So, quickly find out what will be yours depending on the stars. Know all the same that your tastes and desires of the moment are important and should be listened to: of course, also surf the nail polish trend this spring-summer 2020 ! But if you’re stuck for inspiration, this list is for you.

You are Taurus: the hot pink

The nails of the Aries will be highlighted by a red varnish. Why ? Because Aries is a fire sign that represents energy, confidence and poise.

You are Gemini: the festive yellow

The Taurus is an earth sign, rooted in reality and who likes to be noticed. What do you say about a pretty flashy pink for this summer ? It will look great on you.

You are Cancer: soft lilac

The Gemini is an ambivalent sign, but he is also a cheerful, lively and whole and original being. A yellow varnish is therefore ideal to reflect his personality.


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