Nail polish: the top 20 trends for a colorful spring-summer 2020!

This spring-summer 2020 promises to be very colored. Flashy or pastel, the nail polish collections spring-summer offer a wide range of tones and colors. Coral, bright orange, mint green, sparkling blue, flashy pink, mustard yellow or even lilac are required for the arrival of sunny days. White, beige, peach pink or even classic red are always perfect options for the more classic. In addition, these colors adapt to any type of outfit!
It’s also the perfect time to pamper your nails, which need care after the cold period. We use our nail file to give them a harmonious appearance, then we think of them hydrate. Just as we frequently apply it on the face or on the hands, we think of applying a balm or an oil on his fingers by performing a light massage, in order to feed intensely his nails. We don’t forget to degrease before applying the varnish, for optimal results.


Nail polish: pastel shades for spring 2020

At spring, pastel shades are making a comeback. They come in variations of orange (coral, peach), pinks (pale, old pink), blues, purples (lilac) and greens (water green, mint green). These shades are perfect for giving a boost to your outfits!

Nail polish: flashy colors for summer 2020

When the beautiful sunny days arrive, we find varnishes in more vitaminized each other: flashy, iridescent or even metallic (which gives the impression of changing the color of varnish), this summer 2020 we are daring: bright orange, electric blue, fuchsia pink, fluorescent purple, metallic gold, glittery pink, pearly white and mustard yellow. In addition to being very fashionable, these shades will sublimate matte and dark skin!


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