Natasha Poly about children and motherhood

Natasha Poli, who starred for the covers of both the main issue of Vogue and the children’s supplement, was escorted from the Paris shooting with applause. Did a great job. But today it is not only Natasha who is clapping heartily. She is in Paris with her children: her six-year-old daughter Alexandra Bakker and her ten-month-old son Adrian Bakker. Well, dad Bakker is present invisibly, clearly waiting for the whole trio to return home to Amsterdam.

Natasha is wearing: blouse, jeans, all by Ralph Lauren. Alexander wears: dress, Il Gufo; Panama, Lanvin. On Adrian:
cardigan, bodysuit, Ralph Lauren Baby; socks, plaid, all Bonpoint

When I ask Natasha what has changed in her life with the advent of children, she says: time. He is completely gone, work from a lifestyle has become just work, there is no longer any question of hanging out on the set or staying for a day in another city. Children at home, we must run. “I’ve always wanted a child,” says Natasha. – And I have always wanted a daughter. Everything turned out as I wanted, and everything did not work as I expected. ” We judge by the pictures: quiet music, bedside lamps, cribs, good night, babies. What a good night there. “I didn’t understand anything and thought that my life was over, that my daughter would cry until I died right above her. You see that no one is interested in you, your friends have so many things going on in life, and your only desire is to sleep. The world has just revolved around you, and now you are no longer in the center of the world, but give-and-bring. “

Natasha is wearing: blouse, jeans, all Celine by Hedi Slimane. Alexander wears: blouse, Les Coyotes de Paris; jeans, Stella McCartney Kids; boots, Bonpoint

With the second child it became easier. Why take it easy? Because it’s quieter, smarter? “No,” Natasha smiles, “because with the second year you already understand that this first year is the calmest one”. When we chatted with Natasha last time, she assured that she would never cope with her son, she does not know how to raise sons. But now Alexandra helps her. “They have such a tender relationship,” says my mother, “so much love, when I look at them, I think that everything will be fine.”

Alexander wears: blouse, Chloé; bezel, Bonpoint

Young Adrian Gray Bakker needs thoughtful guidance. Elder sister, she is the eldest for life, I know from myself. Mine – pushed me around until I was fifty. “Alexandra taught me a lot too,” laughs Natasha. – Explains to me that you need to have patience. My life is in full swing, I need to be in time everywhere, and she told me: “Mom, where are you in such a hurry? Look what an interesting beetle. ” Such a wonderful world – you remember yourself as a child. “

Natasha is wearing: blouse, Alberta Ferretti; jumpsuit, Isabel Marant. On Adrian:
cardigan, Ralph Lauren Baby; socks, Bonpoint; jumpsuit, Il Gufo

Today Alexandra posed as an adult, like Paulie. Gone are the days when, leafing through fashion magazines, she said “mom, mom” on every page. Now she not only knows Natasha’s shooting by heart, but she herself becomes a model step by step, she has already been filmed for French Vogue, albeit for a child. “It’s amazing,” says Natasha, “how everything suits her, a real star. To be honest, she herself loves to wear pink and sparkling more, like all girls of her age, but in this I calm her down a little. ” Natasha assures that she does not dress her daughter specifically “for herself” (“she is a person, not my addition”), but often it turns out similar. “First I choose clothes for myself, then for her – if only it would be more fun, on the contrary”. Alexandra took the fee for the shooting with sweets. “We limit sweets, of course, but it seems to me that if everything is forbidden, it will only get worse. People then live their whole lives in fear of eating something. ” I look at Natasha, thin as a reed: ah, it’s easy for you to say.

Natasha is wearing: dress, Dior; boots, Chloé; socks, Falke. Alexander wears: dress, Il Gufo; boots, Bonpoint; Panama, Lanvin. Adrian wears a cardigan, Ralph Lauren Baby

Natalia Polevshchikova, becoming Natasha Poly, recalls her native Perm – and not at all dashing: “In my childhood, everything was connected with touch, with nature. New kids have their whole life on the screen. We invented everything for ourselves. They could find a way out of the most difficult situation. ” Well yes, instead of googling the answer. Natasha is right, children will never ask us anything, everything has already been written for them. And not by us. Is the Bakker family also struggling with gadgets? “Alexandra can play for an hour a day and watch cartoons for an hour after dinner.” There is nothing new in the world! Just like in my childhood: “first the lessons, and only then you will watch TV.”

Alexander is wearing: dress, Baby Dior; cape, Yudashkin Kids. Photo: Claudia Knoepfel

True, brother and sister will have to live at a different time. Young people are terribly offended by adults who abandoned them in the world of rebellious nature. What will Natasha say to the children when they come to her with slogans about global warming and responsible consumption? “Even if something seems too radical to me, I will be glad that they are sensitive to the pains of the world. When I was growing up, there was a completely different relationship between parents and children, there was no openness, abundant feelings, we only had to guess how much they loved us. Now it’s not ashamed to say: “I love you!”, “I understand you!” and “I believe you!” – it is very important that your child, no matter how old he is, knows that he will always be supported. “

Natasha is wearing: dress, Dior; boots, Chloé; socks, Falke. Alexander wears: dress, Il Gufo; boots, Bonpoint; Panama, Lanvin. Adrian wears a cardigan, Ralph Lauren Baby

Our conversation is interrupted by a photographer’s assistant, who insistently asks Natasha to sign him a skateboard for his girlfriend. And I also took a picture with him. So and like this. Natasha politely does everything and looks at the twenty-year-old boy with the same calm understanding as, probably, at Adrian’s whims. Children are children. Alexandra’s lessons were definitely not in vain.

Natasha is wearing: blouse, Ralph Lauren jeans. Alexander wears: dress, Il Gufo, headband, Bonpoint. Adrian wears a cardigan, Bonpoint socks, bodysuit, Ralph Laurent Baby

Photo: Claudia Knoepfel / Cadence. Hairstyle: Tomohiro Ohashi / M + A. Makeup: Mayumi Oda / Bryant Artists. Manicure: Laura Forget / Artlist. Makeup Artist Assistant: BОatrice Han Ching. Hair Stylist Assistant: Leiko K / M + A. Photographer’s assistants: Paul-Antoine Goutal; Stan Rey-Grange. Digital operator: Hanna Bluethmann. Stylist assistants: Yulia Lobova-Harfouch, Anastasia Babko. Producers: Michacl Lacomblez / Louis2, Karina Chistyakova, Alina Kumantsova, Magda Kupreishvili. Assistant Producers: Julien Carvalho, Pierre Sonochal, Marie-Jeanne Raoux / Louis2


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