Natural makeup: expert advice for a successful beauty treatment

Natural make-up: work on your complexion lightly

The days of super heavy makeup are over. The current trend is now towards much more natural beauty treatments. But how to achieve a “natural” make-up? What steps should not be neglected? What products to use or avoid? What techniques to avoid? Advice from Emilio Benedetti, national make-up artist YSL Beauté.

Natural makeup: the steps to avoid

First golden rule: work on your complexion in three steps, without doing too much. First, we unify the skin of his face with a foundation (with a glowy or matte finish). Second, you hide your signs of fatigue with a concealer. Finally, we illuminate his cheekbones, the wing of the nose and the brow bone “With a radiance touch pen, a complexion illuminating pen”, advises the expert. For those who like to warm up their complexion, bronzer and blush are allowed, sparingly. Finishing touch: a few coats of mascara, a nude eyeshadow, a light lipstick or nude gloss, and voila !

Natural makeup: pay attention to the choice of shades

To obtain the most natural result possible, three steps should be avoided according to the make up expert: “We avoid le contouring (too pronounced), and highlighter (too satin) and the technique of baking (unnatural) for this type of makeup. ”

When making a “natural” makeup, the chances of failing are less. On the other hand, “You have to be careful with the choice of colors”, explains the professional. “The too light concealer where the too dark foundations for his skin should be avoided ” explains Emilio Benedetti, specifying that it is preferable to warm up your complexion with a bronzing earth and a blush, while lightly.


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