Naturally relieve muscle contractures

The contracture is neither a cramp nor a tear!

When muscle pain does occur, it is sometimes difficult to know where it is coming from and what to call it. Muscle contracture results from the involuntary contraction of a muscle, it mainly affects the thighs but can also affect the calves or the back. It then causes a strong pain which can persist for several weeks, unlike cramp which usually passes very quickly. On examination, the doctor may hesitate between a diagnosis of contracture and a diagnosis of tear or elongation. But the contracture is distinguished because it does not cause any visible anatomical lesion in the muscle.

Rest, rest, rest!

This is common sense advice, but since muscle contracture mainly affects athletic people, it is still worth remembering. In case of pain, it is important not to force and especially not to start an intense physical activity again until the problem is resolved. Locally, applying a hot compress or hot water bottle can provide immediate relief and help relax the sore muscle. If the pain is in the back, a good hot bath will have a similar effect.

Relieve contracture with essential oil massage and stretching

When the pain lingers, the general practitioner will direct his patient to a physiotherapist. Its role will then be to work to relax and relax the muscle. Several sessions may be necessary and the practitioner can also advise his patient on stretching exercises to be reproduced at home, without risk of aggravating the contracture. The Mézières method will also help to overcome the postural imbalance generated by the contracture by stretching by traction.

At home, massaging the painful area with a mixture of essential oils in a vegetable oil base will help relieve the pain.

How to prepare a natural muscle relaxer ? In 10ml of sesame oil orsweet almond oil, the most nourishing, add 15 drops of essential oil of lavender, bay laurel or tarragon then apply directly to the contracture, massaging well to penetrate. Another essential oil that works miracles on muscle pain is the essential oil of fragrant wintergreen which is a powerful natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. But you can also simply apply arnica oil!

Homeopathy and trace element cures

Homeopathy is particularly for preventing the occurrence of contractures. We will favor Cuprum mettalicum 15CH and magnesia phosphorica 7 CH at the rate of 5 granules each morning and evening. In the event of established contracture, one can take granules of arnica, 5 granules four times a day.

There are ampoules of trace elements combining magnesium and potassium which act on neuromuscular functioning and help reduce the occurrence of contractures during exercise. It is recommended to do a cure of at least three weeks at the rate of 2 ampoules per day.

Muscle contracture: how to avoid it?

What is the difference between a stiffness and a contracture? The contracture is similar to a cramp: it results from the abnormal contraction of a few fibers in a muscle: the contracture occurs during exertion and disappears within a few minutes with the help of a massage adapted. The stiffness, on the other hand, is linked to the accumulation of waste in the muscle and appears after exercise, often several hours after the return to calm.

How to avoid contracture? We repeat: the contracture arises as part of the sporting effort. To avoid it, it is essential to warm up well before the session (10 minutes of cardio and stretching) and to stretch after the session (10 minutes too).

People who start a new sport – and who do not prepare enough – often have myalgia (contractures, for example), fortunately not serious “adds Adrien Ezine, osteopath. Conclusion: no overzealousness in the gym, and no question of throwing yourself” cold “in an unusual effort!

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