Neon yellow: Tilda Swinton showed how to wear a bright-colored pantsuit

On September 2, Venice hosted the grand opening of the Venice Film Festival, which will last until September 12. Among the celebrities who have already walked the carpet was Tilda Swinton.

Photo: East News

Following the example of Cate Blanchett, Tilda decided not to limit herself to the choice of exclusively floor-length dresses for social events. The 59-year-old actress opted for a bold look – a trouser suit, made in bright neon yellow. The outfit looks stylish and trendy thanks to wide-cut trousers.

With her example, Swinton demonstrated how you can tame this complex shade. So, under the jacket, Tilda wore a monochrome jumper in pastel color, which helped to balance the image. Tilda suggests wearing the sleeves of the jacket tucked up, since the lighter fabric on the inside also helps to visually make the suit less catchy. As a final touch, the actress chose black pumps.

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