New Brand: Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter Brand Alter

The delicate taste and passion for fashion among the women of the Grimaldi family is in the blood. Pauline Ducre, daughter of Princess Stephanie and granddaughter of Grace Kelly, is no exception. As the editor of American Vogue Brooke Bobb writes, the legacy of the famous grandmother inspired her to open her own brand Alter last year.

Pauline Ducre is a Parsons alumnus and a participant in Paris Fashion Week. The designer adheres to minimalism and gender neutrality in his work. Her latest collection, which Ducre was able to show before the pandemic in Paris, included silk shirt dresses, trench coats, denim jackets using patchwork technique with the use of vintage fabrics. As Pauline says in an interview with American Vogue, the philosophy of her brand is based “on the idea of ​​giving a second life to the basic things in our wardrobes – leather and denim jackets, cotton shirts.”

© Photo: Courtesy of Alter

“Mom always pushed me to express myself and encouraged me to be myself, so freedom is what inspires me the most,” she says. Ducre with great trepidation refers not only to the advice of the older women in the family, but also to the things that are inherited by her. Mom – Princess Stephanie – gave her her leather Harley-Davidson jacket and a graceful beige Givenchy blouse, which once belonged to Grace Kelly. Things with a story are another source of her inspiration.

Pauline is now in Monaco with her family and, like many designers, is trying to find new ways to promote the brand in isolation. Ducre admits that it is difficult for her to stay on a positive note, but, despite everything, continues to work on a new collection.

Pauline Ducre at the Alter show in Paris, 2020

© Photo: Olivier Pascaud


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