New Year’s makeup 2020: 5 fashion ideas

Women always want to look perfect, and even more so on New Year’s Eve. “Sure!” – you will answer. The very dress has already been bought, to which these earrings are so suitable … The appointment with the hairdresser was booked back in September! It remains only to pick up the makeup. But what should it be, New Year’s make-up?

Collect the New Year’s look, taking into account the fashion trends of 2020

Makeup Nude

“Nude” in translation from English means “naked”, “naked”. If you are not a supporter of shiny pigments and red lipstick, take note of it. Natural makeup involves the use of natural shades of shadows and lipstick, not overloading the image with sparkles and deep shadows. Use pastel nude shades: milky, beige, brown and coffee. You can even do without black on the eyelids, then the makeup will turn out to be gentle and soft. The nude style also does not allow for copious amounts of foundation and concealers. Give preference to translucent satin tones for a subtle glow and freshness. BB creams work well with this. This kind of makeup is also suitable if you have chosen a very bright or shiny dress and are afraid to overload the image.

Smokey eyes

Another makeup trend that has established itself in the last century and still remains a favorite among women. In fact, this makeup is the lightest and most versatile. Why is it light? Because it uses only one shade of eyeshadow, which is applied to the entire upper and lower eyelids. Why is it versatile? Because you can change the color depending on where you are going to go. For example, on New Year’s Eve, it would be appropriate to paint your eyes with a dark color with the addition of holographic pigments: dark gray + silver sparkles, black + gold sparkles, etc. Smokey will suit lovers of languid and mysterious images.

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Timeless classics

In classic evening makeup, you can safely highlight both eyes and lips. 3-5 shades can be applied to the eyelids, but harmoniously matching each other. For example, highlight the inner corner of the moving eyelid with a light shining pigment, and darken the outer corner with black matte shadows; between these colors, impose your favorite shade, for example, wine, and gently blend the borders of the three colors, creating smooth transitions. Such make-up will make the eyes more expressive and larger, which suits the owners of close-set eyes. You need to choose a lipstick to match the shadows: if the shadows are cold shades, then you need to choose the appropriate lipstick. Conversely, if your eye makeup is in warm brown tones, then the lipstick should be warm.

Lip focus

A win-win move for confident and sensual seductresses. The bright shade of lipstick will attract the attention of the male half throughout the entire banquet! For such a make-up, it is enough to just emphasize the eyes a little with mascara or draw a delicate arrow and apply lipstick that matches the color of the dress. But we must not forget that the rich color of lipstick requires a perfectly even complexion, otherwise the makeup will look cheap and dirty. So if you have problems on your face, work through them thoroughly with a tone and concealer.

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New Year symbol colors

The upcoming year 2020 according to the Eastern calendar will be the year of the White Metal Rat. Many women believe that if you celebrate the New Year in the colors of the symbol of the coming year, it will bring happiness. If this statement applies to you, then stick to white and metallic hues in your look, but in moderation. It is enough to use light satin shades with a soft overflow. It is also permissible to apply a creamy, silvery shade to the eyelids. The metallic color does not have to be present in its pure form; many manufacturers add a metallic sheen to their products. So, for example, you can choose a lipstick not matte red, but “metallic red”. This make-up looks very stylish and festive.

Try to keep in mind fashion trends, but don’t forget about personality. It is the combination of these two sides that will ensure the creation of a unique and relevant image that will collect a lot of compliments and admiring glances on New Year’s Eve!

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