Night care: why you should not use your day cream at night

Day cream, night cream: what is it?

The day cream, is, as its name suggests, a care for the skin to apply in the morning. It is a moisturizer that helps nourish the skin well all day. He will also prepare her to receive correctly makeup and protect it against external aggressions, such as pollution. It will also allow the water contained in the skin to evaporate less quickly, and make up for this water loss. Whether you have the dry skin, sensible, mature or fat, the day cream is the essential product to use. There is something for oily skin, which will hydrate while mattifying. For dry skin, they can turn to a very moisturizing, even nourishing, treatment to bring comfort to the epidermis. You can also opt for a serum before the cream to maximize its effects, whatever your skin type.

A night cream is also a moisturizing facial treatment, more to use in the evening on previously cleansed and cleansed skin. Why is this cream important? First, after removing make-up and cleaning, even if they are gentle, the skin needs hydration. The night cream is there to meet this need. Also, it is ideal because sip of assets, which will be better assimilated by the skin since between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., the micro-circulation is accelerated. It is also at night that the cells regenerate the fastest.

Using your day cream at night, a bad idea

Night cream is therefore essential for help the skin to regenerate. It is more concentrated in active ingredients and its texture is also richer and more nutritious. When you wake up, the skin therefore appears softer, more plump and refreshed. But can day cream replace night cream? Yes and no. Yes, because it also has a moisturizing function. No, because, unlike the night cream, the day cream is lighter. And for good reason, its role is not the same as that of the evening cream. The latter is used to nourish and repair the skin while the morning one helps protect it throughout the day. So she will be less “effective” than a night cream, that’s why if you want an optimal result, it is better to have two different treatments. Conversely, applying a night cream during the day is strongly discouraged for the opposite reasons. It is too rich, its thicker texture will not be comfortable to wear all day.



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