Night face mask: 6 popular remedies

Few women understand why they need to apply masks to their face before bed. However, according to the reviews of cosmetologists, it is at night that the dermis absorbs nutrients better.

The advantage of night masks is that in the morning you can see their effect. The skin becomes soft, hydrated, radiant and firm. There will be no ugly dark circles under the eyes. And the face will take on a fully rested look.

Night masks are called a remedy for the lazy. An excellent option for women with an active lifestyle who cannot afford to spend time on facials during the day.

Rating of popular and effective remedies

Among the variety of cosmetics, 6 night face masks were selected, which are highly effective. The rating is based on reviews of consumers and cosmetologists.

Honey Sleeping pack (Holika Holika)

Holika Holika products are very popular among women. Special attention should be paid to the Honey Sleeping pack night mask based on honey.

Additional components:

  • rapeseed extract – restores firmness and elasticity, eliminates irritation, has a rejuvenating effect, tones, soothes;
  • extract of the Barbados cherry – due to the huge content of vitamins, acids and trace elements, it provides high-quality nutrition and hydration of the dermis, accelerates skin regeneration;
  • blueberry extract – cleanses pores, softens, rejuvenates, smoothes age and expression lines.

A feature of Honey Sleeping pack is instant absorption. This ensures a comfortable sleep after application without the feeling of stickiness and moisture on the face.

It controls the hydrobalance of the dermis, intensively nourishes, regulates metabolic processes, and normalizes the respiration of the skin. After application, a protective layer is created on the skin, which protects it from the negative effects of environmental factors.

Hydra Sparkling night (Givenchy)

Givenchy produces luxury cosmetics. Their products are characterized by real action. The Hydra Sparkling night mask can rightfully be called one of the best skin care products on the market.

Dark circles under the eyes, the appearance of wrinkles, a dull complexion are a consequence of dehydration of the dermis cells. During sleep, skin regeneration is enhanced, so insufficient hydration leads to a deterioration in its condition. The special Hydra Sparkling night formula will keep the skin hydrated even at night.

Main goals:

  • deep hydration with the ability to retain moisture in the required volume;
  • elimination of skin dullness;
  • getting rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes;
  • smoothing fine wrinkles, with a rejuvenating effect.

The mask is very light in texture, with the scent of the sea breeze. Even after a sleepless night in the morning, you will be able to look perfect. Cosmetologists recommend applying the product in a thick layer. Then the face will be rested, without signs of fatigue. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes, eliminates flaking and unevenness.

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Magic Food Banana sleeping pack (Tony Moly)

The balanced composition of the Magic Food Banana sleeping pack by Tony Moly intensively restores the skin’s structure during sleep. The product is based on banana extract, rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a natural antioxidant that enhances natural collagen production.

The main purposes of the cosmetic product:

  • deep hydration and nutrition;
  • leveling, cleansing, removing peeling;
  • getting rid of inflammatory processes;
  • return of radiance and freshness;
  • creating the most soft and delicate skin.

Daily application of the mask will allow the renewal processes to start at the cellular level. The cosmetic product saturates the skin with oxygen, improves blood circulation.

Hydra Life Jelly sleeping mask марки Dior

For fans of elite Dior cosmetics, the Hydra Life Jelly sleeping mask is presented. The composition contains important components that ensure the health and beauty of the skin – betaine, centella extract and hyaluronic acid. The uniqueness of the mask is that it is suitable for any skin type.

Applying before bed will make you look 100% in the morning. The face will be rested with no signs of sleep deprivation. Additional effects:

  • rejuvenation and elimination of wrinkles;
  • firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • nutrition and hydration to deep layers;
  • improving complexion, leveling tone.

The texture of the mask is similar to jelly. Has a very pleasant aroma (fresh cucumbers, citrus fruits, sea).

The only drawback is that it is absorbed for a long time. Therefore, you need to apply the product on the face in a thin layer so as not to stain the pillow.

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Night Life Energy (Lancome)

The natural composition of Lancome’s Energie De Vie Nuit night mask works wonders on the face. Gives the skin a boost of energy, transforming it from tired, dull to radiant, with a healthy blush on the cheeks.

The cosmetic mask contains extracts of lemon balm, goji and gentian. These components allow skin cells to regenerate on their own. Thanks to this, after night care, the face looks radiant and fresh, even after a sleepless night.

With daily application, the skin is transformed, becomes velvety to the touch. Signs of aging are noticeably reduced, wrinkles are smoothed out. The skin cells are filled with moisture.

The advantage of Lancome’s Energie De Vie Nuit mask is that applying it before bed allows you to refrain from daytime skin care. This is due to the fact that the dermis is filled with all the necessary elements thanks to the night mask.

Aquasource Everplump night (Biotherm)

The Biotherm Aquasource Everplump night mask has a texture reminiscent of a light gel that covers the face very gently. The feeling of a “second skin” is created. The cosmetic product is quickly absorbed and leaves no stickiness. After drying, a protective barrier is formed on the skin, which protects it from ultraviolet radiation, wind, dust and other negative external factors.

The mask is based on dark seaweed. When in contact with the skin, it helps to restore its structure. The first result is noticeable in the morning, after the first application. With regular use of the mask, the maximum effect can be observed after a week. The skin will noticeably transform, it will become more tender, firm and elastic.

Tips for choosing night face masks

Cosmetic stores are overflowing with various beauty products. To find the perfect night mask for your skin, we recommend that you read the following tips:

For combination skin, you will need a mask containing antioxidants and retinol. This composition will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen during sleep.

  1. For oily skin, a night mask with alpha hydroxy acids is suitable. They slightly dry the dermis, due to which the greasy shine on the face disappears, as well as thinning the stratum corneum. This improves the regeneration process.
  2. On dry skin, it is recommended to apply a mask containing almond and olive oils before going to bed. A mask based on them will qualitatively moisturize to the deep layers of the dermis.
  3. The composition must necessarily contain peptides and hydrolyzed collagen. Thanks to them, during sleep, the skin will have time to recover and normalize the water balance.
  4. If, after waking up, puffiness and bags constantly appear under the eyes, a mask with components that have a drainage effect is needed. These are extracts of Asian centella and ficus.

When choosing a night face mask, first of all, you need to pay attention to its composition. The active ingredients of the cosmetic product will help restore the beauty and health of the skin.

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