Nine products for preservation of youth and beauty are named

The right products have a beneficial effect on the state of health, beauty, youth. Thanks to them, you can significantly change your health and appearance for the better. Several foods will help to do this.

Smooth and supple skin is provided to the person who uses this product. It contains a lot of vitamin C, necessary for immunity, slowing down the aging process, stimulating collagen production. Regular consumption of kiwi will notice the effect. The skin will be much better.

Green beans. Beans contain silicon, which will give your hair strength and shine. Put it in salads, roast, just boil. In any form, the product is good for well-being.

Mustard. Forget about mayonnaise and other store-bought sauces. Mustard in grains or powder will help saturate the body with antioxidants and iron, making the skin radiant and smooth. Thanks to antioxidants, inflammation is removed, pores are narrowed, and iron helps the skin to find blush.

Apple. Eating one apple a day is very good for your teeth. This will make them beautiful and clean, protect you from having to visit the dentist often. The product is effective in getting rid of stains from coffee, tea, red wine.

Egg. With thin and brittle nails, eggs must be in the diet. Biotin is the most useful for the beauty and health of nails. And it does not matter what kind of eggs. Quails are just as useful as chicken.

Pumpkin seeds. The product will get rid of unwanted acne. It is high in zinc, and some studies point to a cause such as zinc deficiency. In addition, the seeds get rid of parasitic diseases and are excellent as a preventive measure.

Cabbage. The presence of vitamin C solves many things. The skin will become more elastic, fresh, ruddy. And the vitamin K contained in the product will allow to establish a metabolism, will promote fast healing of wounds, strengthening of collagen fibers. Do not limit yourself to one variety and eat only white cabbage. Equally effective colored, Brussels sprouts, pickles, broccoli.

Fish. The presence of a huge number of vitamins will bring an undoubted contribution to the youth and beauty of man: A, B, D, E. As well as phosphorus and fluoride are important for teeth, selenium – from wrinkles. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish and seafood will improve women’s health and have a beneficial effect on youth and beauty.

Beet. This is one of the most affordable products on the list. By eating beets regularly, you can make your hair and nails stronger, get rid of peeling skin, and smooth out fine wrinkles. The product is especially effective during the harvest season.


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