No brushes or shadows: complete makeup in 10 minutes

Makeup artist Sergei Naumov shows makeup for those who are too lazy, have no time or just reluctance to bother.

When Sergei Naumov was developing his tools, he thought about those who do not want to make unnecessary movements and keep in their head “this is where you need a tighter brush”. His favorite make-up is fast, not overloaded with details, moderately careless. For example, this:

He showed a quick make-up option on our trainee Lisa (she’s just a student, and loves to sleep, how well some things combine 🙂

And we counted the minutes – what needs to be paid more attention, and what we can not slow down on.

Timing 0:00 – 0:05 seconds: mix tone Phenomenon with liquid highlighter Aurora Ocean Drive

Sergey Naumov: Foundation Phenomenon was used on the set of the new film “North Wind” by Renata Litvinova. He looks cool in the frame, gives a beautiful blur, and in real life you look – the skin is almost matte. No wet or oily sheen.

Why mix it with a liquid highlighter?

Sergey Naumov: If you want a light, shiny yet long-lasting finish, this is the super option. You get a) light reflection, b) a lighter texture, c) you can adjust the tone of the foundation. Here, as such a corrector-adjuster, I chose Aurora Ocean Drive in a warm cream color, but in general this way you can use any liquid highlighters, except those with large, obvious glitters.

Timing 00:05 – 03:00: apply tone with a sponge (or fingers)

Sergey Naumov: Lisa has quite intense fluff on her cheeks, and there are peeling. In order not to emphasize them, it is better to apply the tone with impressive sponge movements. I use the convex side of the sponge to work out the entire face (the “ass” is rounded, so it gives a more even coverage). And the narrow tip is for the wings of the nose.


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