No time for gray: 5 trendy fall looks from Camilla Coelho

In the fall, you often want to merge with the rain, so many people choose clothes in practical colors. However, many celebrities recommend not following this obvious path, but choosing autumn looks as bright as summer. Firstly, clothes in juicy, bright colors instantly cheer you up, and, secondly, they will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Camila Coelho knows exactly how to look not only fashionable, but also bright in the fall of 2020, so we suggest you get inspired by her stylish looks.

The blue leather miniskirt itself attracts attention, but Camila knows how to make the look even more interesting: she wears a skirt along with a blue knit sweater and an elongated blazer to match.


Milk-colored Cossack boots became an accent in this unusual look – they perfectly diluted the blue-blue color scheme and made the image more interesting.

If you think that a light dress made of flying fabric can only be worn in summer, then you are deeply mistaken – a hot pink elongated jacket will perfectly fit into a relaxed “Friday” look. Parties are made to shine!


Houndstooth print is a trend for fall 2020, so choosing such an outfit will definitely not go wrong. Camila wears a houndstooth dress with a plaid jacket, black shoulder bag and patent leather boots – it looks stylish and modern.


September pampers us with the sun, so try to take everything from good weather: feel free to change the crop-top to a cropped turtleneck and wear it along with dark pistachio leather trousers (we wrote about what to combine this unusual shade with here). And in late fall, just add a brown sheepskin coat and high-heeled shoes to the look – and the fashionable look is ready.


Orange, according to Camila Coelho, is best for golden autumn: take a chance and create a monochrome look in these shades. A brick-colored turtleneck, an orange sweater, shimmery pants and a dark orange bag combine to create an original and memorable fall look.


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