Not a day without dramas: September film premieres

Spectators are starting to return to the cinemas. What to watch? Dramatic festival hits, a Russian blockbuster and, most importantly, a new film by Christopher Nolan.

Argument / Tenet

  • Premiere: September 3rd.
  • Genre: fantasy, action, thriller.
  • Producer: Christopher Nolan.
  • Cast: Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh.

About what? If very conditional, then about the CIA operation to rescue a cargo with plutonium. In fact, it’s about technology from the future that can turn back time.

Why watch? Are you kidding ?! One of the most high-profile premieres of the year, on which the film industry (and specifically Warner Brothers) is pinning its hopes, is the film by Christopher Nolan (“The Moment”, “Inception”, “Interstellar”).

Operator – Hoyte Van Hoytem (“007. Spectrum”, “Dunkirk”, “Interstellar”), composer – Ludwig Joransson (“Oscar” for the music to “Black Panther”). The script Nolan wrote is, as always, very difficult, but isn’t that why we love the author?

Critics are already arguing that Argument is both the director’s worst and near-perfect film. The very fact that people find the strength to argue about cinema, and not about politics or a pandemic, I think is wonderful: it means that the world is gradually becoming itself again.


After, Chapter 2 / After We Collided

  • Premiere: September 17.
  • Genre: melodrama.
  • Producer: Roger Kumble.
  • Cast: Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin, Josephine Longford, Dylan Sprous

About what? Tessa’s life was divided into two parts: before and after meeting with Hardin. But everyday difficulties turned out to be stronger than the first love, and the second part is already different “before and after”: before and after parting with Hardin. Tessa begins a new life, she meets another person, but her past, as usual, does not let go.

Why watch? Recently, it seems to me, pure melodramas are shown more on TV than in movies. Stories about unreal love seem like a kind of cranberry to a sophisticated viewer: as if they have no other problems than deciding with whom to stir up a happy ending.

But for a person wrapped in a joyless groundhog day, such stories are the very juice. It’s nice for two hours to imagine yourself not as an exhausted mother of three children with debts and mortgages, but as a beautiful young girl, for whose feelings two unrealistically beautiful and rich men are fighting.

That’s why the first film made nearly 70 million at the box office (on a budget of 14 million). Like the new one, it is based on a series of bestselling novels by Anna Todd. There are 5 books in the series, so after 2 there will be many more after-after.


Never, rarely, sometimes, always

  • Premiere: September 17
  • Genre: drama
  • Producer: Eliza Hittman
  • Cast: Theodore Pelleren, Sharon Van Etten, Talia Ryder, Ryan Iggold.

About what? Upon learning of pregnancy, 17-year-old Otom travels with her sister to New York, where she can have an abortion without parental consent.

Why watch? The film won the Jury Grand Prix at the Berlinale and won the Sundance Film Festival. Already on this one could put an end; what else to say besides “go and see”. But I will add.

From August 11, 2020 in our country, any information about a teenager’s visit to a doctor can be transferred to his legal representatives. And this is not only information about a possible abortion, but also, for example, about mental and psychological problems (depression, RPD) – in a word, about the fact that many teenagers would prefer to keep a secret from their parents. In this regard, the film was released on time: it does not campaign “for” or “against” – it just shows the situation from the point of view of adolescents who were deprived of the right to make decisions.


Phenomenon / Fatima

  • Premiere: September 3
  • Genre: drama
  • Producer: Marco Pontecorvo
  • Cast: Harvey Keithel, Sonia Braga, Joaquin Di Almeida.

About what? 1917, Portugal. Three children stated that they had witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary. But did they really see a miracle?

Why watch? Fatima is a city in Portugal where events known throughout the Catholic world took place: children witnessed multiple apparitions of the Virgin Mary, and later the church recognized them as a true miracle, and the children were canonized.

Basically, the story of miracles is interesting in itself, even if you, like me, are not religious. Other reasons for the film are the excellent actors and music performed by Andrea Bocelli.



  • Premiere: 24 september
  • Genre: biography, sports, drama
  • Producer: Ilya Uchitel
  • Cast: Alexander Petrov, Alexander Yatsenko, Victor Dobronravov, Vitaly Khaev, Nadezhda Markina

About what? Eduard Streltsov is a rising star of Soviet football. Everything changes when he is accused of rape.

Why watch? I heard the opinion that sports dramas are the only thing that you can go to the cinema “from Russian”. I think this opinion is snobbish, but I agree that we really know how to make films in this genre.

The story of Eduard Streltsov was always just asking for the screen. In the USSR, he was called “Russian Pele”. At the age of 18, he played in the national team, at 19 he became an Olympic champion, and at 20 he was imprisoned for 5 years with a lifelong disqualification. He also met the daughter of the future Minister of Culture, looked like a movie star and was the target of the French and Swedish football teams.

Ilya Uchitel (“The Lights of a Big Village”) undertook to film the story of Streltsov, and Alexander Petrov starred. How did they do it? We’ll find out soon.



  • Premiere: 24 september
  • Genre: drama, melodrama
  • Producer: Christian Petzold
  • Cast: Paula Beer, Franz Rogowski, Jakob Macenc

About what? Undine works as a guide in Berlin. Parting with her boyfriend, she wishes him death, not yet knowing that she will soon meet a new love – the diver Christophe. But soon an inadvertently thrown curse word will begin to come true.

Why watch? Another winner of the Berlinale – “Undine” has a prize for the best female role. By the way, this is the last time: from the next kind, the festival will abolish the gender division and will present awards only for the best role – not male and not female.

The plot is based on the story “Undine Leaves” by Ingeborg Bachmann. It is very short, you can read it in a couple of minutes – get an idea of ​​the main idea of ​​the picture. Some people compare the film to “The Form of Water”, and there is something in it: both films are metaphorical, fabulous, both are associated with sea monsters – which, of course, are not at all what they seem.



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