Not short haircuts that look gorgeous on women over 45

A few years ago, it was believed that after forty years, a woman should wear a short haircut. However, today, most hairdressers and stylists agree that with long hair, a representative of the fair sex of any age looks younger and more attractive. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at shoulder-length haircuts and other not short haircuts. Each woman will be able to choose a suitable option for herself from the following list of hairstyles.


This is the number 1 hairstyle for women who don’t want to part with their hair. The cascade creates a layering effect. Hair descends in steps and distracts attention from the face. For ages 45 and older, this is important. Also a plus is that there is no straight edge in the cascade. All hair is cut at an angle. This smooths out wrinkles. On the contrary, a straight edge only emphasizes them. It is also very important not to create an evenly styled hairstyle. A sense of slight negligence should be created. This will bring mischief into the image, and therefore youth.Not short haircuts that look gorgeous on women over 45


The square is convenient in that it offers many options, which will allow you to look in a new way every time. In addition, this haircut is easy to maintain and easy to style. An asymmetrical square in an elongated version looks great. It will immediately make a woman younger and more attractive. In addition, an elongated bob will make it more refined. The owner of extra pounds (and there are a lot of them by the age of 45) will seem slimmer.Not short haircuts that look gorgeous on women over 45


Fashionable and stylish hairstyle that allows a woman to look younger than her age. What distinguishes this haircut from the usual bob is that layering is created at the back. Such a haircut always rejuvenates due to the side strands, thereby diverting attention from the face and focusing it on asymmetric strands. The hairstyle is fresh and elegant at the same time.Not short haircuts that look gorgeous on women over 45


This haircut is somewhat reminiscent of a cascade, but there are a few differences. If in the cascade all attention is paid to the side strands, then the ladder is made along the entire length of the hair. Hair is given volume, which, after 45 years, is simply necessary for a woman to appear younger.

As you can see, at 45, you can stay stylish. You just need to choose the hairstyle that suits you. It is worth remembering forever: it is not true that short haircuts for older ladies are salvation. On the contrary, they will only accentuate age, and medium-length hair will help visually reduce it.Not short haircuts that look gorgeous on women over 45


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