Obsessed: a lipstick that goes with everything and a blush for shading eyeshadow

Lena – about the means with which she is painted almost every day, and they do not bother her.

I want to share my joy. I now have a properly illuminated mirror, and I feel like I’m re-acquaintance with my makeup. I look at the shades on a new one and notice what I have not seen before. For example, how does one nude lipstick differ from another, similar, and which of them does not match makeup in tone.

In the course of the audit, some funds moved from their distant boxes to the nearest. Where lies what I most often paint.

Помада Audacious Lipstick, Nars

Shade Barbara

I feel like a rabbit Roger who was framed by someone. Namely, overnight I repainted all the nude lipsticks in other shades. Yesterday they looked the same way, but today, in bright light, I see them completely differently. I realized this when I made dark smokey and decided to choose a neutral lip color. I take one of my usual lipsticks – it is too light. Oops. Another is warmer than necessary. The third is suddenly pink. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry: I turn off the backlight – “beautiful lipstick, great.” I turn on – “oh, something is wrong.”

I realized that I needed a safe lipstick, which I would paint in any incomprehensible situation. When I don’t want to try 5 shades and wonder which one is more suitable. I took apart all the supplies and found Barbara. She carried them with emerald smoky, with dark blue, eggplant. If there is an eye makeup that she doesn’t fit, then I haven’t come up with that yet.

Price: 1274 RUB at L’Etoile.

Baked Blush Baked Powder Blush, Milani

Shade Dolce Pink

After a live broadcast with Lena Motinova, I had a reason for reflection. How to do, mmm … expressive eye makeup, but in a minimalist style? It is clear that you can make up the mezhililia, the lower eyelid, and even bang something sparkling on the center of the movable and stuff like that. It will be cool, but bright. And I want it cool – but without the effect of “trying hard”. Well, without platitudes, dark in one corner, light in another.

Normal request, huh?) I was not sure that this is possible in principle, but I made a dozen attempts. Nine out of ten failed because it felt like I tried hard. The option that I liked and took root (and is close in meaning to what we did with Lena) is like this.

Components: a) cream shades of beige-brown color, not dark (important!), With shine; b) pink non-matte blush. In the role of shadows, I use a Chanel Vague 228 pencil, shading over the entire movable eyelid. And then, according to the recipe, comes the seasoning: I put Milani blush into the fold. At the outer corner, I make a haze: I slightly stretch and hold the skin at the temple and move the brush exclusively horizontally. Then the shape of the shading is not round, but elongated.

Unfortunately, due to a flash of blush, it is not visible, but they are 🙂

I love that the makeup is neither dark nor contrasting. But the iris is brighter and the overall look is fresher. And you can color this minimalistic base as you like.

In place of the Milani blush, there could be others, I just don’t have a large selection of pinks. I think this is homework for the next lesson: find beautiful shades.

Price: 995 RUB on the official site.

Ultra-light fluid tint Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint, Chanel

A year ago, I had mixed feelings about this fluid. The coating is the thinnest, barely layering. Not quite what a skin with inflammation needs.

Then I could not part with the bottle, and I did the right thing. Now I am delighted with him. The fluid evens out the tone better than I previously thought. (Coverage is about the same as cushion.) Lies wonderfully, lasts all day. Does not overload the skin. And it shows how much better she has become over the past year.

Price: 3607 RUB in the “Golden Apple”.

Pencil-Kayal Kajal InkArtist, Shiseido

Shade Birodo Green

Who loves languid green smoky, raise your hands! I am two at once. The problem is that shadows often lack saturation. And without her this is not a luxury, just something green and strange before our eyes. In short, you need a dense substrate. Five years ago, I heated the lead of a green YSL pencil with a lighter to make it a little less dry. Now I don’t need to get rid of it, I got Kajal InkArtist in Birodo Green shade. Creamy, shaded easily, keeps on the mucous membrane flawlessly, and what is more important – the eyes do not water from it.

On top of Birodo Green, any shadows appear as bright as in a palette. Looks like I won’t rest until I repeat with 50 shades of green.

Price: 1326 rubles at Sephora.

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette

Over the past couple of years, I have cooled to Tom Ford palettes. Shadows are like shadows, nice but not unique. And now, unexpectedly, she was imbued again, thanks to the makeup artist Lena Yasenkova. She and I have a similar idea of ​​beauty, and I happily went through two of her makeup marathons. She painted in the evenings live, and I, trying to keep up, repeated (cool experience, but this is a separate topic). In general, Lena loves Tom’s palettes, and I saw in them the beauty that I had not focused on before.

The trick is that you can (and should) use two shades at once on a brush. Pumpkin-pumpkin in light. Pumpkin-pumpkin in the dark. At the same time, both are matte (for a minute!) According to my assumptions, a daub should have turned out. Nothing of the sort, a beautiful intermediate color. It turns out that I used the palettes half-heartedly, Cocoa Mirage in general opened up for me in a new way (it’s a fabulous constructor!).

I tried to repeat it with Pat McGrath’s shadows and some others. Nuuu, sometimes it works, more often it doesn’t. Or not that good. Apparently, it matters how the texture is pressed and how bright the pigment is. So I already know which brand I will buy next.

Price: RUB 6530 at TSUM.


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